Discover the 5 Cryptocurrencies that Insiders are Banking on for Massive Success

BitBoy Crypto’s latest video highlights four altcoins to watch for potential gains: Decentraland, Ethereum, Uniswap, and The Graph. Decentraland is a virtual world that verifies player ownership via NFTs and has seen growth in virtual museums and galleries. Ethereum is a long-term hold with potential for flipping Bitcoin. Uniswap is a DeFi project that recently released Uniswap V3 and focuses on trading and analytics. The Graph is an API that connects public decentralized infrastructure and aims to decentralize the sharing of data between the internet and blockchain apps. All four projects have gained interest from the Currency Group.

Altcoins with Massive Upside Potential: A Guide to July’s Top Picks


Altcoins are notorious for being both exciting and risky investment opportunities. It’s no secret that the crypto markets are constantly evolving, and with the presence of movers, shakers, whales, and whalers, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s happening. In this article, we’ll examine some altcoins that Token Metrics and BitBoy Crypto have been keeping a close eye on for July.


Decentraland is a virtual world that functions similarly to Second Life or The Sims. The innovation of Decentraland lies in the ownership it gives to its players, which is verified on the blockchain via NFTs. Decentraland has seen significant growth recently, with dozens of virtual museums and galleries housing NFT art made by the community. Token Metrics views Decentraland as a project with long-term potential.


Ethereum is a longtime mainstay in the crypto world, and it continues to reach new heights. As Ethereum 2.0 approaches, investors can stake their ETH to earn more coins. It’s a long-term hold for investors, and with its current discounted price, it’s an excellent opportunity to invest before it flips Bitcoin.


Uniswap is an OG DeFi project built on Ethereum that works as a multi-tiered unicorn kite. The release of Uniswap V3 has stabilized the token’s price, making it an excellent buying opportunity for those already in the game or those interested in investing. There are numerous projects that either developed on Polygon or have used Polygon to optimize their projects.


Polygon is a cross-chain protocol that connects different Ethereum networks. It has excellent price action, with a 5,257% rise this year alone. This project is coming together at the right time, and Token Metrics views Polygon as a potential high-risk, high-reward investment opportunity.

The Graph

The Graph focuses on making more infrastructure for crypto projects, specifically finance, but eventually NFTs and more. It enables internet applications that are entirely powered by decentralized infrastructure. Full-stack decentralization will enable applications to have an unprecedented level of interoperability. Users and developers will be able to know that the software they invest time and money into can’t suddenly disappear.


All of these altcoins have made significant gains and have garnered interest from the digital currency group. Amidst the market’s choppiness, these coins are the real deal, and investors should consider them for their long-term investment strategies. Keep an eye on these projects and prepare to make gains in the crypto markets.

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