Did Spending $25,000 Launching My Own Brand on Amazon Lead to Success or Failure?

The author spent $25,000 on 3,000 units of a product and plans to sell it on Amazon. They have previously sold $8 million worth of products on Amazon but this will be their biggest obstacle yet since launching their own brand presents the highest risk and reward. The author has a podcast about animal rescue and is using that brand to launch on Amazon with a goal of 30 ROI for the first month. They plan to launch four to five products over the next 15 months and aim to sell the brand by 2024 for a seven-figure exit.

Why I Spent $25,000 on 3,000 Units of a Product

As an Amazon seller, I’ve been able to sell almost eight million dollars worth of products on the platform. However, I recently decided to take on my biggest obstacle yet – launching my own brand.

The Highest Risk, Highest Reward Way of Selling on Amazon

Launching your own brand on Amazon is the highest risk, highest reward way of selling on the platform. Despite the risks, I decided to use my animal rescue brand to take on this challenge.

My Goal: A 30 ROI the First Month

My goal for the first month of selling my private label brand is a 30 ROI (Return on Investment). While the first month of selling a private label brand typically has the least amount of profit, I’m confident that I can reach this goal.

40 ROI on the Next Reorder

Long term, I plan on launching four to five products over the next 15 months and selling my brand by 2024 for a seven-figure exit. My goal for the next reorder is a 40 ROI.

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If you’re interested in making money online, be sure to follow me for more tips and strategies. With hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck, anyone can achieve success on Amazon.

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