Will VAIOT Explode in the Upcoming Crypto Bull Run?

The video discusses an AI project, Via, and its potential use cases in the blockchain industry. Via offers AI legal assistant, sales assistant, and crypto protection broker and aggregator services powered by smart contracts. Via is a decentralized project that is open source and secure due to its blockchain technology. The project has already received regulatory approval in Europe and is backed by IBM. The video suggests that with the rise of AI services, companies may start using Via’s services, making it a profitable investment. However, the video does not offer financial advice and encourages investors to do their own research.

Introduction: Crypto Gem Hunters Channel

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video on the Crypto Gem Hunters Channel. Today, I’m going to be talking about VIA in this video. I haven’t spoken about this on the Crypto Gem Hunters Channel yet, but a lot of people who watch my channel will know my bullish sentiment.

What is VIA?

First things first, this is an AI project obviously in the artificial intelligence sector of crypto and its main kind of or its only thing is AI. VIA is a decentralized blockchain-based project; it can be open source right it also means that everyone knows that it’s a trustless system you don’t have to trust any middlemen, you don’t have to trust any intermediaries, and it’s much more private and secure that’s what the blockchain offers as well as fast transactions

Services offered by VIA

So what are some of the services that VIA uses, what are some of the use cases? The AI Legal Assistant is a very interesting and innovative concept under the concept of smart contracts. Smart contracts basically take out middlemen, they allow people to sign agreements online, so one person has this, another person has this, they meet in the middle through a smart contract, and that sorts out the whole agreement for both of them.

VIA in the AI sector

You can go and see the tech on these guys so if you press see the tech, I think it shows you a video on how this works and it’s very, very interesting. It’s a no-brainer that this one blew up after the rise of chat GB2 because obviously, this is an AI service-based project and arguably because this is catered towards institutional use, this could be even bigger. AI-based Services is huge in terms of the sales assistant side. Most jobs in sales roles wouldn’t be surprised to have been gone in the next 10 to 15 years time, because of the fact that AI will be able to take over a lot of these jobs.

VIA’s growth and value

The growth of VIA has been insane in the last 90 days, and I don’t think this is going to stop into the next ball run. I think this one’s going to explode. It really could help harness and obviously make companies more profitable, and if that’s the case, if companies start using the sales assistant or they start using the crypto protection broker and aggregator, who knows how big this project could be. It’s backed by IBM smart contracts that are going to be big; it’s also got regulatory approval. In Malta, it is actually regulated in Europe, which means that it’s taken those steps already to be compliant with regulations for when they come in.

Conclusion: Keep Gem Hunting

Go listen to the people behind this project speak, do your own research, read the white paper; it’s a very, well-put-together white paper, look at some of the partners, because these are big names, team professionals. They’re all docs; you’ve got all the LinkedIn profiles. Guys, keep gem hunting. Add it to your watch list, do some research, and keep gem hunting. I appreciate everyone watching, goodbye.


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