“Get ready for an AI-powered crypto gamechanger! AIWallet Token launches on Pinksale with pioneering ChatGPT and Bing AI technology on BSC.”

AI Wallet is a new cryptocurrency launching on the Binance Smart Chain. The pre-sale has already met its soft cap and will end in two days. The wallet features real-time monitoring and automatic trading through artificial intelligence, in addition to common wallet features like sending and receiving cryptocurrency and NFT support. The pre-sale is currently ongoing, and participants can connect their wallets and purchase tokens. The team has completed KYC and passed the cyber scope auto report. The project aims to compete with other wallets like Trust Wallet and MetaMask by incorporating AI technology.

Introducing AI Wallet Token Fair Launch

What’s up you guys, gym crypto here and I’m very excited to bring you guys a brand new cryptocurrency on the Binance smart chain that’s having a fair launch right now. The cryptocurrency pre-sale is going on and it has already met the soft cap and it ends in a little bit under two days. The cryptocurrency is AI Wallet Token, and it uses artificial intelligence. Let’s go and check out this project.

AI Wallet Token Pre-Sale

The pre-sale for AI Wallet Token is going fairly strong, and the soft cap of 50 BMB has been met. The pre-sale ends in about 48 hours or so. You can click on the link in the description below to visit the website, Twitter homepage, and telegram. AI Wallet Token is a secure multi-chain crypto wallet with AI support. The technology used in AI Wallet Token is similar to that in chat gbt by open AI, which has been popular lately. It comprises a real-time monitoring system, automatic trading, and more.

Features and Benefits of AI Wallet Token

AI Wallet Token has a variety of features, including buying crypto with fiat, crypto prepaid card staking and swapping, NFT support, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency. The real-time monitoring, using AI API, allows users to track their portfolio in real-time. The automatic trading is facilitated by an artificial intelligent trading bot, which does the hard work for you to make passive income.

Team and Partnerships

The AI Wallet Token team comprises highly skilled members, including CEO Adam, Chief Marketing Manager Grant Herbert Pierre, Megan Brad, and more. The team is also working with Apes, an NFT project that further enhances its capabilities.

Participating in the AI Wallet Token Presale

You can connect your wallet on the upper right corner of the website using Trust wallet or MetaMask. The presale started on February 13th and ends on February 15th at 15:00 UTC time. Most of the tokens, almost 40%, are available for presale. They do have a vesting period to maintain price stability.

Audit and KYC

AI Wallet Token has been audited by cybersecurity firm Cyber scope and passed all tests. Solid proof presented KYC to AI Wallet. It was released on February 12th, 2023.


In conclusion, AI Wallet Token is an exciting new crypto wallet that uses artificial intelligence. Its pre-sale is ongoing, and the soft cap has already been filled. The project promises to revolutionize cryptocurrency and compete against other wallets such as Trust Wallet and Metamask. As with all crypto projects, make sure to do your research and always trade with caution.

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