Discover The Most Promising Coins for September and Double Your Investment with These Highly Profitable Tokens!

Token Metrics, a predictive AI software for cryptocurrencies, has identified the top coins for September. The list includes The Graph, a DeFi blue chip that is vital to the DeFi ecosystem; Amp, which is positioning itself as a leader in payment processing; Ergo, a major partner in Cardano’s ecosystem; and XRP, which is wrapping up its lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The article notes that these coins have strong fundamentals and potential for growth, and that the overall crypto market is experiencing an alt season.

Alt Season is Back – Top Coins to Watch in September


If you’re holding the right bags, then Alt Season is back in motion. Crypto assets with strong fundamentals are starting to pump and return to former all-time highs. September is shaping up to be the most parabolic part of this bull run for the entire crypto space, so it’s worth looking at some coins that are expected to rally this month.

Token Metrics

To help identify the top coins to watch in September, BitBoy Crypto turned to the team at Token Metrics and their predictive AI software. Token Metrics is known for identifying some of the best performing assets in the market long before they pop. Tokens like Polygon, Helium, Audius, and many others were called by this system long before their rallies began.

The Graph (GRT)

No. 4 for this month is The Graph. This is a sleeper DeFi blue chip that offers a vital service in the growing DeFi ecosystem that has become a necessary function. The Graph protocol has been compared to Google, as it allows developers to search for information across multiple blockchains. Even though its main product is a search engine, The Graph is a decentralized and permissionless platform that does not rely on a central intermediary.

Amp (AMP)

Third on Token Metrics’ list is Amp, a token that is used for collateral in the Flexa payments app. Flexa allows merchants to accept crypto payments, and Amp and Flexa are starting to see mainstream adoption. After partnering with Sheetz, other retailers began teaming up with Flexa to enable crypto payments for their customers. Amp has enough potential to easily jump 200% or much more in this cycle.

Ergo (ERG)

Next up on the list is Ergo, a major partner in the Cardano ecosystem that operates on its own proof-of-work blockchain. Ergo is always decreasing its inflows at a very slow pace. It’s going to be integrated into Cardano’s NFT systems, offering all the strength of proof-of-work security and decentralization to the proof-of-stake Cardano blockchain. Ergo may have made some big moves, but its market cap is still ridiculously low. Pushing out Ethereum Classic wouldn’t be a stretch, especially if Cardano’s NFTs hit as hard as they have on the Ethereum blockchain this summer.


Last but not least is XRP, which is in the process of wrapping up its lawsuit with the SEC. Ripple has existing relationships with banks around the world and a suite of products that allow banks to make international payments much more efficient. After years of being criticized by the crypto community for working with banks, Ripple is now fighting against the government in a case that could set a firm precedent.


As we move further into September, keep these top coins in mind when making investment decisions. The market is constantly changing, but staying ahead of the curve is easier when you have accurate predictions and a strong understanding of a project’s fundamentals.

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