Discover the Futuristic Crypto Class: Shibgotchi – Tamagotchi Meets Web 3.0 and the Metaverse with Deflationary and Stackable Features!

Shib Gachi is a deflationary and stackable ERC20 token, aiming to bring back the popular Tamagotchi game into the crypto world by enabling it to store NFTs and cryptos. It plans to build a metaverse game, allowing users to develop their own digital pets and earn token rewards in the game. The gaming device to play ship gachi will be released in the second stage of the project. Shib Gachi NFT marketplace provides 10,000 variations stored with proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain, each with its rarity. Shib Gachi has a strong community, with active Twitter and Telegram groups.

Ship Gachi: Bringing Tamagotchi to Web3 and the Metaverse


Yo yo what’s cracking youtube it’s your boy professor krypto got another high crypto class for you guys today this one’s on fire you guys already know anything we bring on the channel it’s got that potential and it definitely should be watched. Today, we’ll be discussing Ship Gachi, a retro game fight token in the metaverse that brings back the nostalgia of Tamagotchis from your childhood.

Ship Gachi’s Features

Ship Gachi, affectionately referred to as “cheap guts,” is a deflationary and stackable token running on the erc20 blockchain. The platform aims to bring the beloved cult game Tamagotchi to the metaverse through an NFTs marketplace that provides over 10,000 unique variations, each with its own rarity level.

Ship Gachi also has a metaverse game like early Tamagotchis, where users can hatch an egg and pet their cheap guts. Users can also earn tokens through a solid point system. The game is still in development, but the platform is already making their NFTs ready to mint, and have all different rarities ready to use in their metaverse game.

Tokenomics and Roadmap

Ship Gachi offers rewards of 5% for rewards, 4% for liquidity, and 3% for marketing. Furthermore, 32% of their liquidity is locked, and 5,000 holders have been established. The platform also offers an impressive roadmap, including the hiring of more developers, the development of a physical Ship Gachi ledger, a bridge on multiple chains, and above $500,000 in daily volume.


In summary, Ship Gachi brings financial freedom while time traveling twenty years back into your childhood. With an active and friendly Telegram group of over 640 members, and its rapidly growing social media presence, Ship Gachi has positioned itself as a promising token to watch in the metaverse space. Remember to always huddle, and stay tuned for more exciting crypto classes from Professor Krypto.

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