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In an episode of Good Morning Crypt, the presenters discuss the importance of looking at the monthly scale for Bitcoin instead of just daily or hourly movements. Despite recent dips, the monthly chart shows a positive trend. The presenters stress the importance of identifying new and shiny altcoins that haven’t already had a bull market in order to capitalize on their potential growth. The current market is characterized by low liquidity, which can help traders profit but also has its downsides. A potential sign of positive news, in this case, is the recent pump in XRP, which could indicate that they are winning their lawsuit.

The Importance of Monthly Scale and Finding First Cycle Gems in the Bull Market

As possible Emerald lab guys, welcome to another episode of Good Morning Crypt. In this episode, we will be discussing something very critical – the monthly scale. Many people are freaking out and think we are going to dump because Bitcoin is going down a bit, but if you look at the monthly scale, it looks very good. We will also talk about our plan for this bull market and when to take profits.

The Big Picture

This is the time to take profits in 2025 as Bitcoin is fantastic, likely to reach 100K and do a 3X or more. However, the big opportunity lies in altcoins, especially new altcoins. Everyone wants to be part of something new and a new journey. No one wants to buy someone else’s bags that were pumped in the last bull market and then dumped with tag holders who want to dump on others. It’s essential to find altcoins that are new for the cycle, interesting, and shiny as that’s what usually pumps the most in a bull market.

First Cycle Gems

Although ogs like Bitcoin and Polygon are good, the most important thing is to find first cycle gems. In previous bull markets, many people focused too much on old coins they had from 2017 and 2018 that never pumped again. Therefore, it’s crucial to find first cycle coins, get in the first batch, and not focus too much on old coins.

Our Sponsors

Before we dive into the markets and altcoins, we’d like to give a big shoutout to our sponsors, Bybit. You can trade with leverage, go long, or short depending on your risk profile. Signup using the link below to get a big fat juicy bonus.

Market Overview

Currently, Bitcoin and ETH are both down/sideways, whereas XRP is up 4.1%. The market expects XRP to win the lawsuit. Whenever you see a dead coin like XRP flatlining but then start taking out important local highs like 0.51, it’s the start of a massive recovery.

Monthly Scale

People are freaking out on the daily and four-hour scale, but if you zoom out and look at the monthly scale, Bitcoin looks bullish. As long as we see higher highs and not lower lows, it’s good. This year, we expect Bitcoin to go between the current price and possibly 50K, but it’s going to be quite a boring roller coaster.

Liquidity Crisis

There is no liquidity in the markets due to Operation Choke Point and shutting off all on-ramps and off-ramps. A drop in liquidity helps traders to the upside, but there’s always a downside.


To sum up, the monthly scale is critical, and finding first cycle gems is the most important thing. It’s also essential to treat Bitcoin on the monthly scale during the bear market, as this year may be quite boring. Finally, we’d like to again thank Bybit for sponsoring us and urge our viewers to sign up and start trading.

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