Discover How You Can Copy a Trader with 0.87% Drawdown and 160% ROI Using Bybit – It’s Super Easy!

Bit copy trading allows users to copy the trading activities of successful traders or bots with high ROI and low drawdown. ByBit also introduced Unified Trading Accounts (UTAs) for professional traders which aims to streamline the trading process and provide a next-level trading experience. The platform offers a 150k trading competition and up to 30k in rewards for those who register, deposit, and trade on Private. Users can also filter traders according to their drawdown rates and invest in traders with proven ROI. The content also discusses a strategy for portfolio diversification and shows examples of successful traders’ strategies.

Exploring the Insane Results of Bit Copy Trading

Bit copy trading is a trading system used on Bybit, a trading exchange platform. This method of trading involves copying the trades of professional traders or bots in order to achieve high investment returns. The system has become popular due to the phenomenal results achieved by some traders. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Bit copy trading.

Insane Results Achieved by Traders

Bit copy trading has become popular because of the astronomical results achieved by some traders. One trader reportedly achieved a 160% return in less than 30 days with less than 1% drawdown. Another trader achieved a 200% return with only a 15% drawdown. These results are unheard of in traditional trading methods. Bit copy trading offers investors an opportunity to achieve high returns with minimal risk.

Filtering Traders

Bit copy trading allows investors to filter traders by their drawdown rates. Drawdown is the decline in asset value from its peak. Lower drawdown rates indicate lower risk investments. By filtering traders by drawdown rates, investors can minimize the risks involved in trading.

Claiming Bonuses

Bybit offers a 150k trading competition as a bonus for traders. There are other competitions available as well. Additionally, Bybit allows for traders to earn up to 30,000 dollars by registering, depositing, and trading on the platform. Utilizing these bonus offers can kick-start traders’ investment portfolios.

Copying Traders and Bots

Bit copy trading offers investors the option of copying trades of other traders or bots. Bybit offers a variety of high-performing bots that can be copied for great returns. Some bots on pairs like HP H or IT have achieved gains up to 27x in just seven days. Additionally, some traders have achieved up to 4,000% returns in a 24-hour period through arbitrage trading. Copying the trades of successful traders and bots is a great way to earn returns.

Unified Trading Accounts

Unified Trading Accounts (UTA) are introduced by Bybit to streamline the trading process for professional traders. UTA allows for cross-collateralized landing environments with mixed futures and margin trades in addition to USDT perpetual and UCT options trades, all via one unified account. UTA offers traders hedging strategies to minimize risk and open API V5 upgrades, which connects traders to multiple derivatives and options platforms.

Copying Good Traders

Bit copy trading offers investors the ability to copy the trades of good traders. Investors can diversify their portfolios by having at least 33% invested in traders with the lowest drawdown rates. The remaining 33% can be invested in traders with the highest gains. Some traders like CEO Must have achieved over 1.8 million assets under management with only a 5% drawdown. By copying these traders, investors can achieve high returns with minimal risk.


Bit copy trading offers investors an opportunity to achieve high returns with minimal risk. By filtering traders, claiming bonuses, copying traders and bots, and utilizing unified trading accounts, investors can maximize their returns. Bit copy trading is a great tool for hedge funds or other investors who want to minimize risk and maximize returns.

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