Attention! Big Money is Flocking to Cryptocurrency Ahead of Fed Meeting – Are You Being Deceived?

News of big banks getting into crypto and China possibly allowing crypto again have resulted in record inflows from institutional investors. Bitcoin is still over $23,000, bouncing back since falling a little bit yesterday. Positive developments in crypto, particularly for Bitcoin, include exploding hash rates and good fundamentals. German banking giant Deca bank offers bitcoin and crypto to 1.5 million retail customers and 500 institutional clients, with BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and BNY Mellon also hoping to expand bitcoin and crypto offerings. Elon Musk believes there’s a role for crypto in the future, and it’s a no-brainer for Twitter to have payments in both fiat and crypto.

The Current State of Cryptocurrency

Big Banks and Institutional Investors Jumping on the Bandwagon

Everyone seems to want your crypto right now we have so much news of big Banks getting into crypto China possibly allowing crypto again which is crazy because they continue this pattern but we also have record inflows from institutional investors right before the fomc meeting a big bet one that we haven’t seen in Half a year and right now every single entity is trying to jump on the bandwagon which we’ll explain why that is.

Bitcoin’s Hash Rate and Positive Developments in Crypto

Bitcoin is still over 23,000 and it bounced above since falling a little bit yesterday obviously there was some shakiness in the overall market yesterday because we do have the fomc meeting coming up and usually there’s some uh people that are a little bit worried taking some off the table especially because we have had a big move in uh cryptocurrency so far it really makes sense that we see a little bit of a pullback.

German Banking Giant Deca Bank Offering Bitcoin and Crypto to Customers

We have news on Ada and we have news on bitcoin we have a lot to cover if you like this kind of video. If you like this kind of news update hit the Subscribe button underneath the video stay through to the end because there’s a lot to cover.

Advantages of Leverage Trading with Prime xbt

If you want to take advantage of some of these crazy times in the market and some of these big pumps you could do something Like Leverage trading to be able to spread your money a lot further. Prime xbt is a great place to do it and there are links underneath the video they have some Promo codes just for you as well.

Inflow of Funds from Institutional Investors

Now of course I’m not telling you what to do but in case you can’t open Prime xbt here in the US some people do use VPN now some fund managers Are already buying Bitcoin as you can see the weekly crypto asset flows was a record for the past six months we have not seen this amount of inflows in six months and if we cut out this week we haven’t seen it in nearly a year we had 115.6 million dollars going into Bitcoin And that really led the way the rest of the crypto Market had about 1.5 million dollars worth of inflows compared to outflows but obviously a massive move coming in from Bitcoin and it’s not just one country it’s not just one fund.

Social Media Companies Jumping on the Crypto Bandwagon

Yesterday we got news that not only are countries getting in banks are getting in citizens are getting in but now companies social media companies are also trying to get into the crypto game Elon Musk recently explain there’s a role for crypto in the Future and it’s a no-brainer for Twitter to have payments in both Fiat and crypto.

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