Are You a XRP, BTC or Crypto Holder? Beware, Manipulation Is Happening Now!

The Bank of International Settlements has announced a new policy allowing banks to hold 2% of their reserves in cryptocurrency, which many speculate will result in significant crypto investments. Additionally, Ripple/XRP has been making moves in its respective fields, including through partnerships with companies like 443, which offers data security and privacy via the XRP Ledger. Furthermore, it has been noted that major traditional stock exchanges and BlackRock are increasingly entering the crypto space, suggesting growing mainstream adoption. In the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, small updates include an attorney filing a request to file documents and another attorney quitting their position with a law firm.

The Crypto Space Never Ceases to Amaze Me

The world of cryptocurrency is never short on surprises. One recent surprise came from Jim Cramer’s tweet about the cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Typically, when Cramer comments on something, it’s best to do the opposite. So when he praised Binance, the CEO, CZ, responded in jest, “Oh Jim, please don’t use Binance for the sake of everyone else.” This highlights how unpredictable the world of crypto can be.

The Bank of International Settlements has also made some interesting moves, recently announcing a new policy that allows banks to hold up to 2% of their reserves in cryptocurrency. This may not seem like a significant amount, but when considering the potential coins they could be buying, it could mean a massive influx of crypto into traditional finance.

Ripple and XRP have been prevalent in the news lately due to their ongoing lawsuit, but it’s essential to remember the innovations they have been making in their respective fields. Ripple has been securing partnerships and deals with significant businesses, including the leading global investment bank headquartered in New York with $2 trillion in assets.

This reveals how much of crypto is happening behind the scenes, and we may never know the full extent of what is going on, which leads to the industry being undervalued.

Many traditional financial institutions are still indecisive about cryptocurrency, with many claiming it’s too dangerous. Still, companies like BlackRock have announced their shift towards crypto, which could prompt more traditional players to follow suit. The ongoing Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit has also seen some minor developments, with lawyers filing to appear in court and one lawyer quitting the case altogether.

In conclusion, the crypto space’s unpredictability is a double-edged sword. Although it keeps us on our toes, it can also lead to wild fluctuations in the market. With more traditional players showing an interest in crypto, we could see unprecedented growth in the years to come.

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