Announcement of BitClout 2.0 as the Upcoming Stock Market for Individuals

Bitclout 2.0 has been announced on decentralized social app Diamond. The follow-up to the 2021 viral sensation aims to introduce new products and features that will turn reputation into an asset class comparable with NFTs. One of the most significant new elements of Bitclout 2.0 is the reimagined Creator Coins V2. Creator Coins allow individuals to monetize their work based on their reputation, meaning activity, such as landing someone on Mars, could affect the value of their Creator Coin. Creator Coins V2 is fully backward compatible with V1, and trading will be incentivized via a new $BITCLOUT token. 

Bitclout 2.0 is set to launch with a sophisticated airdrop scheme after the DeSo blockchain’s transition to a new Revolution Proof of Stake consensus mechanism is complete. The platform will reward early adopters via trading or “content liquidity” by compensating active creators on the platform. Interested people can learn more or participate by familiarizing themselves with DeSo apps like Diamond, Openfund, Desofy, and DeSocialWorld.

Bitclout 2.0 will be built on DeSo, a blockchain designed to decentralize social media and scale storage-heavy applications to billions of users. DeSo is backed by several blue-chip funds, including Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, and Winklevoss Capital. The white paper for Bitclout 2.0 is available on, and the password can be obtained via DM to @bitclout on any DeSo app.

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