What’s the Future of Cardano’s Price? From $2 Today to How Much in January?

Cardano, despite experiencing a 10% correction, is poised for a strong Q4, with new partnerships, investments and updates to its ecosystem, as well as the start of the Basho era, which will focus on scalability, sidechains and governance. The company’s CEO and partners have invested in building a strong decentralized future for blockchain, bringing financial and educational empowerment via its platform to the billions who lack such opportunities. Its Alonzo hardfork was finished in September, marking the end of the Goguen era, and ADA, with a current market cap of $69bn, is set to rise.

Fall is Here

It’s fall. And things are falling all around us— leaves from the tree, rain from the sky, the Miami Dolphins offensive line, and the price of Cardano.

Panic Selling or Opportunity?

This past month, ADA has seen just over a 10% correction, so that means we should all panic sell, right? Wrong. Newer investors see this pullback and fear the worst, while veteran traders view this as an opportunity for a better entry point.

Cardano’s Road Map

The Cardano road map is organized into five eras— Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho and Voltaire. The Alonzo hardfork was fully implemented this September, which marked the end of the Goguen era. Now, we’re on to the Basho era, which will start sometime in 2022.

Basho Era

The Basho era will focus on improving Cardano’s scalability, interoperability, as well as integrating on-chain governance and sidechains. These sidechains carry some of the load from the main blockchain to increase the capacity of the network.

Bridging the Gap in Africa

The Cardano Foundation partnered with the Ethiopian government to accommodate over five million students and teachers to assist with their educational system. Charles is currently touring Africa right now. He’s been giving speeches, talking with politicians and laying the groundwork necessary to integrate Cardano with an entire continent.

Investing in Cardano

EMURGO announced at the end of September that they are going to invest $100 million into the Cardano ecosystem to accelerate DeFi, NFT solutions and blockchain education.

The Next Great Struggle for Blockchain

According to the CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaard, the next great struggle for blockchain isn’t digital identities or tokenized stocks, it’s governance.

Halloween NFTs

In the spirit of Halloween, Booberts, the release of 10,000 unique cute ghost NFTs, drops October 29th of this year.

Cardanival NFT

The carnival is in town! Get your caramel apples and take a ride on the Ferris wheel at Cardanival, another Halloween/carnival-themed Cardano NFT.

Ignore the FUD

Like I said earlier, I see the comments, I hear the FUD, and it’s nothing but noise. It’s a distraction from the big picture, and the big picture is what I implore my viewership to stay focused on, especially with Cardano.

Patient Will Prevail

In a matter of weeks, alts will have their day in the sun, and coins like Cardano are poised to breeze past previous all-time highs into price discovery. The patient will prevail.

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