Unlock the Secrets of Crypto Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Riding the Trends

The speaker suggests using trend lines to identify potential buy or sell opportunities. They advise looking for as many touches as possible on the trend line to ensure accuracy. The trend line can also be turned into a channel, with a top and bottom touch indicating potential buy or sell points. The speaker suggests waiting for price to break the trend line or channel before making a trade. They use examples to demonstrate the strategy, highlighting potential opportunities for short or long positions.

Using Trend Lines for Trading: Why You Should Consider it


In forex trading, there are a lot of strategies that traders use to maximize their profits. One of the most popular approaches that traders use is trend lines. Trend lines can be seen as diagonal lines that connect two or more price points, creating a trend pattern. It is an approach that helps traders to make better trading decisions by analyzing the pattern and direction of the trend lines.

Importance of trend lines

The use of trend lines in trading is important because it helps traders identify the direction of the market trend. By drawing a trend line, a trader can easily identify if the market is in an uptrend or downtrend. This information helps the trader to make better decisions on whether to buy or sell a particular currency pair.

How to draw trend lines

Traders can draw trend lines by connecting two or more price points, either by using the highest or lowest prices. The basic idea is to get the general idea of the trend, select the right candles, and get as many touches as possible. For instance, one, two, three, or four touches can be used as a reference point. The idea is to draw a line that connects as many touches as possible.

Drawing a channel trend line

Traders can also draw a channel trend line by connecting two or more highs or lows with parallel lines. This method helps traders to identify the upper and lower boundaries of the trend. The upper boundary line connects two or more highs while the lower boundary line connects two or more lows.

Using trend lines to make trading decisions

Once a trend line has been drawn, traders can use it to make better trading decisions. If the trend line is sloping upwards, it indicates an uptrend, and traders may consider buying the currency pair. On the other hand, if the trend line is sloping downwards, it indicates a downtrend, and traders may consider selling the currency pair.


In conclusion, trend lines are an essential tool for traders who want to make profitable trading decisions. It helps traders to identify the direction of the trend, and whether to buy or sell a particular currency pair. By drawing trend lines accurately and understanding how to use them, traders can gain an edge in the forex trading market.

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