“Unbelievable! CRO Experiences an Enormous Surge While Crypto.com Announces Layoffs and Introduces CRO Coin – Cronos”

The price of CRO has increased over 10% in the past 24 hours, with the global crypto market cap nearing a trillion dollars and Bitcoin above $21,000. This shows the dangers of trying to time the market as many people who tried to time the bottom have missed out on opportunities. Despite negative comments from people about CRO, the Chrono chain has been growing rapidly since its mainnet launch in November 2021, with on-chain transactions and produced blocks increasing. The writer’s buying strategy is dollar cost averaging and believes CRO will reach $3 during the next bull run due to the Chrono chain’s potential. Crypto.com laying off employees is not alarming news as other exchanges have done the same, but the company’s revenue in 2022 has surpassed over 70 million users and generated $1 billion in revenue.

The Price of CRO is Surging

As of right now, the price of CRO is up over 10% in the past 24 hours, and Bitcoin is now above 21,000. The global crypto market cap is nearly a trillion dollars, and everything is in the green again.

Dangers of Trying to Time the Bottom

Many people try to time the bottom, wanting to find the best time to go all in, but most of the time, they end up getting it wrong and missing out on their opportunity. It’s never a good idea to FOMO in later on when the price is pumping.

The Importance of Believing in the Future

Despite people’s commentary on CRO being done and going down even lower, this week’s CRO price surge showcases the importance of believing in the future of a cryptocurrency. The Chrono chain has been constantly growing and is doing fantastic, even if the price of CRO is down over 90% from its all-time high. Constantly buying and holding CRO is the investment strategy the speaker believes in.

Potential of CRO and Crypto.com

Crypto.com has surpassed over 70 million users and generated over $1 billion in revenue. Although crypto.com laid off 20% of its workforce, this is not a shocking event since other exchanges have laid off employees as well. The Chrono chain, which CRO is built on, is fundamentally amazing, and the speaker believes it has great potential.

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