How GivingToServices Supports the Working Class and Front Line Heroes

Giving to Services, a new platform in the cryptocurrency space, offers a unique and comprehensive solution to help frontline workers fighting against COVID-19. The platform offers staking, allowing users to lend their coins to the network and receive interest with low entry levels. Four percent of all trading is redistributed to verified NHS workers, making it a form of passive income for them. The platform also offers three different staking investment baskets, including Wrapped Bitcoin, and awards payouts in the platform’s native token daily. NHS members and government service members can sign up for a wallet on the platform to receive their share of the four percent distribution.



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The Platform

The platform that I’m going to be showcasing to you all is very unique and special in the crypto space. It’s something that I haven’t seen in a while, especially for what they’re geared towards. Basically, this platform is geared towards helping frontline workers, especially those fighting against COVID-19. This includes nurses, police officers, and anyone else who is a frontline worker. It’s comprehensive, unique, and very easy to use. This is probably a solid platform that I highly recommend you guys check out.

Staking Platform

The staking platform utilizes computing power to solve a complex mathematical problem and verify transactions on the decentralized network. It verifies that the network is safe and transactions can proceed. This is rewarded by the network with coins or tokens in return. The entry barrier for staking has become much higher due to the technical development in recent months, and the commercialization of the process. However, more and more networks are switching to Proof of Stake, which is more eco-friendly and efficient.

Passive Income Stream

Giving to Services offers a method of staking SVS tokens to earn rewards from the network. There are three different staking investment baskets available. One of the investment baskets is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), which enables the users to take their SVS tokens and stake them into WBTC, USDT, and E-U-R-S. These baskets also have their own yield percentage, and the rewards are paid out in SVS daily. Furthermore, every member of the NHS and government service members have the chance to sign up for a wallet on the SVS platform to benefit from the four percent gains. The rewards are automatically distributed into their wallets.

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