Discover the Latest Crypto Craze: LUNA is Skyrocketing 1000%! Learn How to Sell Your Luna Tokens with Me Now!

In this video, the speaker talks about the latest news about the cryptocurrency Luna, including the air drop of tokens and their selling price on KuCoin. They caution viewers to be careful about holding onto the tokens as the market is unpredictable, and developers are leaving the Luna chain. They recommend using KuCoin for trading as it has low fees and allows trading for Terra. Finally, they urge viewers to do their own research before investing and to subscribe to their channel.


In this YouTube video, Sam talks about Luna, a topic he has been discussing over the weekend. He shares some news about tokens being air dropped and expresses his wish to talk about some strategies and where to find the tokens.

Finding Luna Tokens

Sam reveals that he sold the tokens from the Terra Station wallet using KuCoin. He advises that to access these tokens, people should look for the UST and log into the Terra Station wallet. When prompted to transfer the tokens, ensure that you include a memo as well.

Selling Luna Tokens

Sam mentions that people who sell their Luna tokens now will get more for them than they thought. This is because of the premium price that Luna tokens are selling for on KuCoin, which is higher than Sam anticipated. He further highlights the need to be careful if planning to hold onto the tokens since many people will sit on them, hoping to get back the old price.

Luna Classic Dumping and Developer Exodus

Sam opines that Luna Classic has dumped off more than 50% in 24 hours, implying bad news for holders. Also, he warns that developers are leaving Luna and Terra chains and moving to Polygon, which is offering better incentives.


In conclusion, Sam encourages his audience to check out KuCoin, which has low fees and allows trading for Terra. He appreciates the likes and subscriptions and reminds the audience to do their own research before venturing into crypto trading.

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