Discover The 3 Best Metaverse Play to Earn Games That Could Turn You Into a Millionaire (P2E Fans Must See This!)

A video discusses three play-to-earn metaverse games, namely Cornucopias, STARL Metaverse, and UFO Gaming. Cornucopias is a blockchain-based game that rewards players with land, properties, and other NFT-based assets. In addition, Cornucopias is partnering with educational centers to offer learning through the metaverse. STARL Metaverse offers players virtual assets, upgrades, and services that they can monetize within the STARL ecosystem. UFO Gaming combines intergalactic social gaming, play-to-earn metaverse, virtual land, NFT, gaming, and IDO launchpad features. The video reveals that the presenter invested in Cornucopias and STARL.

Play-to-Earn Metaverse Games: Opportunities to Make Life-Changing Money in Crypto and Blockchain

It’s a new year filled with massive opportunities to make life-changing money in crypto and blockchain. And one of these opportunities is with, yes, you already know what we’re talking about, the metaverse! Especially when it comes to play-to-earn gaming. In today’s video, we’re going to dig into three great play-to-earn metaverse games and let you know which project we have invested in.

Cornucopias – The Island Awaits

The first game we’re talking about today is “Cornucopias – The Island Awaits.” It’s a massive play-to-earn and build-to-earn and even a learn-to-earn blockchain-based game where players can be rewarded and own land, properties, and other NFT-based assets with real-world value.

The native currency COPI runs the economy of the game, and the token is available on PancakeSwap. There’s a 3.6 billion token total supply with about $165 million market cap. While it’s not considered a micro-cap, it’s still pretty small for the overall vision of the project, and it could very easily turn into a project that runs up to a $4 billion market cap. It’s on the Cardano blockchain.

One important note is the learn-to-earn aspect of the game. Now, Cornucopias is teaming up with some of the best educational centers in the world to bring learning into the metaverse. Players or students will be able to enjoy learning and earning rewards by playing educational minigames.

STARL Metaverse

The second project we want to talk about is STARL Metaverse, a virtual blockchain-based metaverse set in space where you can explore, play, trade, and socialize with other players. The currency for this ecosystem is STARL, and the token allows you to get an abundance of virtual assets, upgrades, and services in the STARL ecosystem, allowing you to monetize all the items on your own.

STARL can be found on several exchanges, including Uniswap, with a $233 million market cap on a 10 trillion token total supply. If they pull off what their vision is, this thing is going to at least 10x from where it is right now.

UFO Gaming

The third and final game that we’re going to talk about today is UFO Gaming. UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized intergalactic social gaming token. With play-to-earn metaverse, virtual land, NFT, gaming, and IDO launchpad, it is a true all-in-one. It’s on the Ethereum network and can be found on Uniswap, and it’s also on larger centralized exchanges with two of the biggest being and KuCoin.

UFO Gaming has a $450 million market cap with a 25.7 trillion token total supply. The actual token supply is 25,757,575,757,575. The team just dropped a video with an exciting look at the upcoming NFT mint.

Our Investment

We invested a little into both Cornucopias and STARL. We’re trying to diversify our portfolio on these play-to-earn games and get involved with a lot of the P2E ecosystems early on as this industry develops.

In conclusion, the metaverse is a huge opportunity for play-to-earn gaming. Cornucopias, STARL Metaverse, and UFO gaming are just a few of the projects that offer great potential to earn real-world value while having fun in the metaverse.

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