China Jumps Ship and Ditches the Dollar! Hyperinflation on the Horizon…

In the latest episode of Good Morning Crypto, the host discussed various topics including the global macro space, the news about Treasurer Secretary Yellen not blanketing insure all banks, the launch of the Pile Chain version 3 testnet and the SEC suing Coinbase and Justin Sun in a weird way. The host also mentioned Kraken’s inability to support ACH deposits and withdrawals starting March 27th, which could result in a bank run in the US. Furthermore, the host spoke about the encirclement of crypto in the US and the need for self-custody to save bitcoin from being seized. Finally, the host looked at the overall market, noting that Bitcoin had dipped by 1.7% due to the Fed’s announcement of interest rate increases, but was expected to rise again.


Android lab guys, welcome to another episode of Good Morning Crypto, only here on I’ve known Tech. In this episode, we’re going to be discussing some big things that most people are missing in the global macro space.

Agreement between Russia and China:

The fact is that right now, we see an agreement between Russia and China to sell energy not in dollars but in Rubles and Yuan, which is massive. This is something that is not discussed a lot, but it has significant implications.

Yellen’s statement:

We also have news from the treasurer secretary Yellen. She stated that they will not blanket ensure all banks, which adds a lot of problems to the space. This will lead to a situation where if you have money in a bank account and it’s a small bank account in the original bank, it’s going to be a big problem for you. We will see a bank run, guys. This is basically a bank run that she is creating by saying that they will not blanket ensure.

Pile chain version 3 launch:

The testnet for version 3 of pile chain has launched, and we also see hex doing well. This gave us another perspective on things because we truly see which coins have real buyers, real demand, and real buyers that have experience in the market.

SEC suing Coinbase and Justin Sun:

We have significant news on the SEC front because right now, we see the SEC suing Coinbase and Justin Sun. They are trying to take down coinbase, and this entire space because they do not want crypto.

Kraken announcement:

Kraken also stated that starting from March 27th, they will be unable to support ACH deposits and withdrawals. This is really the encirclement of crypto that we’re seeing right now in the US. They are losing their global position when it comes to the dollar as Russia and China are uniting and saying that they do not want to trade in the US dollars anymore.

The financial space collapse:

If the banking space truly collapses, it may lead to a global run. The SEC may try to seize bitcoin, so it’s important to have self-custody. It’s also important to find good altcoins before they pump, and we are going to be discussing how to do that in this video.

Market update:

Looking at the overall market, we see Bitcoin at minus 1.7%, HEX pumping 19%, Ripple at minus two percent, and some bullish momentums. All in all, it’s a quiet market with no real big losers.


In conclusion, we see a lot of significant changes happening in the global macro space that may affect the crypto industry in the long run. It’s crucial to stay updated and informed to make the right decisions. Thanks for watching, and smash up the like button if you enjoyed this video.

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