What Makes Cult Dao Token a Gamechanger

The video discusses a drop in value for the Code token on the crypto market. Despite a significant drop, the community remains optimistic that the token will recover due to the strong community support and high volume. The article notes that the token’s value may depend on whether it is viewed as a dip or an exit point, and suggests that holding the current price position could lead to a favorable outcome. The video encourages viewers to share their opinions on the token and suggests that the channel aims to provide news relevant to viewers’ interests.

The Importance of Community Trust in Crypto Investing

The Initial Drop

When studying a chart, it’s hard to miss the drop that occurred in the crypto market. A cross of TMA’s and a drop below the 20 200 EMA after a triple top and lower high meant that a new token was in trouble. For most new tokens, a drop like this is deadly.

One Factor We Forgot

However, there was one factor that people seemed to forget. Given a poll, 16 people thought that the end was near for the crypto market, while only four believed that it would recover. However, let’s not forget that good is strong. Even on a red day like this, the crypto market is only down by 8%. The USA open’s volume is up, and only tokens with whale interest are in demand.

Community Trust and Investment Opportunities

A token’s community trust is what determines whether it’ll pump or not. And in the case of CODE, it holds people. The accumulation zone for CODE was in the initial drop, and a lot of people bought in at that time. The increase in volume means that whales are waiting for a good entry point, and it’s normal for tokens like this to have a 24% drop in a day.

The Importance of Holding

Holding the current price position is critical. If CODE manages to hold the price position, it could mean a significant pump in the future. However, if it doesn’t hold, retesting for that compound will be necessary. A basic pattern to follow is to keep an eye on the 200 EMA, and if CODE holds the area, it could create a whole new opportunity for investment.

The Importance of Community Feedback

The goal of any crypto channel is to serve its viewers, and that’s what YouTube videos like these are trying to do. Investing in crypto can be challenging, and there are plenty of factors to consider. However, by engaging with the community and listening to their feedback, it becomes possible to identify investment opportunities that others may have missed.


Crypto investing requires attention to detail and an understanding of complex factors influencing a token’s performance. However, the importance of community trust cannot be overstated, and when combined with critical technical analysis, it’s possible to make informed decisions about where and when to invest.

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