MeshSwap: The Crypto Game Changer Prepared by Polygon & Ozys that will Amplify Your Earnings!

In the video, YouTuber Alexander discusses the Mesh Swap platform and its features, including a wallet with more than 25 assets, support for multiple tokens, yield farming, and leverage farming. Mesh Swap also includes a governance section with staking and pool voting, as well as a drops and eco ports feature for obtaining additional token rewards. Alexander explains Orbit Bridge tokens and how they can be accessed through Mesh Swap using the dashboard, which shows transaction volume and token supply. Overall, Alexander recommends Mesh Swap as a solid project with strong partnerships and full transparency.

Mesh Swap: A Comprehensive Review of its Orbit Bridge


In this article, we will be talking about Mesh Swap’s Orbit Bridge, its features, and the benefits it offers to its users. Mesh Swap is a project prepared by both Polygon and Aussies, a well-established company in the cryptocurrency domain.

Mesh Swap Wallet

Mesh Swap offers an actual wallet, which allows users to connect their wallet and access more than 25 assets. It offers swap and orbit bridge features that enable users to swap and bridge different assets easily. Polygon bridge, Orbit Bridge, and Mesh are some of the tokens that are supported by Mesh Swap, among others.

Deposit Option

Mesh Swap offers a deposit option, which includes lending for single assets, yield farming, and leverage farming. Lending for single assets is simple and easy to understand, offering good APRs for deposits. Yield farming is another option that offers high yields, and leverage farming is for the experts, giving maximum yields. Users can sort these options by different APRs and choose the ones they are interested in.

Mesh Governance Section

Mesh Swap has a governance section that offers users more yields by staking Mesh. Staking Mesh provides users with voting power tokens, which enable them to participate in the project’s life by exercising their right to vote for the governance proposals. The proposals range from token level changes, and users can select agree or disagree for each proposal.

Drops and Ecobot Platform

Mesh Swap offers drops and eco port, which enables its stakers to obtain additional token airdrop rewards from various projects on the Polygon network. These airdrops can be accessed through the drops and Ecobot platform.

Orbit Bridge

Orbit Bridge offers all-token support for tokens such as OUSDT, automatic, and aquarium, among others. These tokens can be accessed through orbit bridge, and users can convert from Ethereum to different chains and get all tokens.


Mesh Swap offers a dashboard that allows users to see the TVL, volume, circulating supply, how much Mesh is currently staked, how much has been burned, and how much buyback has been completed. It also shows the number of pools and tokens there are, making it fully transparent and auditable by Fury, its partner.

In conclusion, Mesh Swap’s Orbit Bridge offers a wide range of benefits to its users. From its actual wallet to its deposit option, governance section, drops and eco pot platform, and Orbit Bridge, it offers many different features that are accessible and easy to understand. Its fully audited dashboard and strong partnerships are added advantages that make Mesh Swap a good investment option. As always, it’s important to do your own research and due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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