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Cartesi, a blockchain platform that aims to make decentralized applications more user-friendly and efficient, has launched delegated staking, allowing users to stake Cartesi coins to nodes that support the network in return for rewards. By staking Cartesi, users help to secure the Noether, the platform’s data availability oracle, which is optimized to handle temporary data. Cartesi also plans to release an auction system in 2022, where nodes can bid and pay for staking rights, giving stakers more choice and potentially stabilizing Cartesi’s price over time. The platform is currently a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance and is working with NOWPayments to enable coin payments.

Passive Income and Delegated Staking with Cartesi: A Solution to Blockchain Problems


Passive income is a popular concept that has been gaining traction in recent years, especially in the finance industry. With blockchain technology, passive income has become even more accessible through staking. Cartesi, one of the newest blockchain projects, has introduced delegated staking to their platform. In this article, we will discuss Cartesi’s solution to blockchain problems and how delegated staking can provide passive income for users.

The Blockchain Problem

Blockchain technology is revolutionary, but it is not without its problems. High fees and lack of user-friendly apps and interfaces can cause users to migrate away from decentralized to centralized platforms. Developing software on decentralized blockchain platforms can be difficult, expensive, and prone to glitches and delays. Solidity, the language used to build and develop most blockchains, presents another problem because it’s different from the programming language that many developers are used to operating in. This is how the broader adoption of blockchain is being held back. And it’s exactly the problem Cartesi is working to solve.

Cartesi’s Solution

Cartesi is an off-chain decentralized computation platform that aims to make dApps more powerful and user-friendly. Cartesi wants blockchains to do more, faster computations, reduced fees, and complex smart contract logic within mainstream software. They use rollups that push complex computations outside of the blockchain, which frees up the network to receive and log transactions. There have been other attempts to solve this issue including plasma chains, state channels, and sidechains, but rollups have turned out to be the best solution for unclogging blockchain network, allowing for less congestion and lower fees.

Delegated Staking with Cartesi

Cartesi’s delegated staking supports the Noether, which is Cartesi’s data availability oracle. This oracle is optimized to handle ephemeral data, which is data that’s only needed temporarily. When users stake their Cartesi, they help secure the Noether infrastructure. In September 13, Cartesi released its delegated staking testnet upgrade, which will pave the way for delegated staking on mainnet. Mainnet beta will launch at the beginning of October. Full mainnet will launch mid-October.

Bidding for Staking Rights

By 2022, Cartesi plans to release an auction system where nodes will actually bid and pay for staking rights. This will give a lot more choice for stakers rather than just stake or don’t stake. It will give short-term and longer-term stakers a chance to bid for staking rights that work for them, which over time could give more stability to the Cartesi price because of more long-term stakers choosing to lock up their CTSI.


Cartesi is a great project with a strong solution to blockchain problems. Delegated staking provides an opportunity for users to earn passive income and retain Cartesi’s value over time. With the introduction of bidding for staking rights, users will have greater flexibility and choice. As Cartesi continues to innovate and expand, it is a project to watch for in the future.

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