Crypto Survival: Memecoin Dominance – Will You Adapt or Perish?

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben discusses memecoins and their potential impact on the crypto market. He notes that not all memecoins are created equally, with some having malicious bugs in their code, and that they are not created for any great utility. Rather, they are a form of gambling for those looking to make gains in a casino-like atmosphere. Ben believes that as memecoins become a bigger story again, it is important to talk honestly and candidly about them to avoid losing relevance. He also discusses the possibility of putting money into memecoins as part of a crypto casino portfolio.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto, where we discuss everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Today, we have big news for you, guys. My name is Ben, and I actually got asked to play tonight by the Hawks, as you guys can see, I’m out here in my jersey. Fresh off of– you guys follow me on Twitter. And you guys got to see my nipples several times this week. So I did that for you, guys. Remember, eyes up here.

The Future of Memecoins

Guys, I want to talk to you about memecoins. In the last market, we saw a rise in memecoins, like Shiba Inu, and some others, which are not created equally. Some memecoins are dangerous, like SafeMoon, that had malicious code bugs. All memecoins are created for nothing; they don’t have any great utility like the important coins to our ecosystem, but they can change someone’s world if they get in early enough and get out at the right time.

The Memecoin Community

The memecoin community is different from the crypto community. Education about memecoins is not on what these coins can do; it’s about the people in the communities behind them. The memecoin community is just looking to treat crypto like a casino. They are looking to gamble and make gains, not for coins that are going to change the world.

The Epiphany on Memecoins

Here’s what we need to understand about memecoins. They’re all going to go to zero. It’s simply a game of when can you get out. Memecoins are not going anywhere. They’re here to stay. They’re going to keep pumping out new versions of these coins. The most important thing is to educate the audience the right way, and hopefully, we can draw some of the people from the memecoin community into the world of crypto.

The Crypto Casino Portfolio

We have this crypto casino portfolio where we’ve added HEX, Shiba, and Dogecoin not because we feel like they have any value, but it’s research for the channel to see how these react in this market. Every week, we could put money into memecoins just to see what happens. As soon as we could pull out our original investment, we would just pull it out and then leave it. We don’t want there ever to be an impression that we’re talking about these things because it’s benefiting us personally.

The Future of Memecoins in the Crypto Ecosystem

There’s been a fundamental shift in the crypto ecosystem. Adapt or die for people like me who create content. Memecoins are going to become such a big story again, and people are going to make a lot of money with them. If we don’t talk honestly and candidly about them, then we might start to lose relevance. Our job is to be an evangelist and try to pull everyone in.

In conclusion, memecoins have their place in the crypto ecosystem, and understanding them is an essential part of staying relevant as the market shifts. As a community, let’s work together to make the best decisions on how to approach memecoins in this next market. Thank you for joining us at BitBoy Crypto, and see you in the next video.

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