Could Quant be the Next Big Thing to make you a Millionaire? Don’t miss out on this Huge QNT Update!

Quant, a cryptocurrency that launched in 2018, aims to connect blockchains and networks globally without reducing efficiency. It is ISO 222 certified, a standard that enables global adoption of standardised transfer methods of money. While currently trading at $180, Quant was previously above $380, but fell during the Bitcoin slump. The CEO of Quant is involved in different organisations and governments, including the UK Parliament and Bank of England, which could lead to an influx in adoption. With the rise of central bank digital currencies, the technology behind Quant could be instrumental in enabling interoperability among different networks.

Could Quant Be the Next Millionaire Maker? Exploring Update and Price Predictions


In today’s video, we will be discussing the latest updates on Quant, including its potential as the next millionaire maker. We will delve into the current developments in the UK and its impact on different ISO 222 Coins. Stay tuned until the end to get the latest updates, price predictions, and much more.

Listing on Binance Futures:

As we can see, Quants is listed on Binance Futures, indicating its growing popularity on different exchanges, including Futures platforms. This listing speaks to its level of momentum and popularity. It has been ranked number 30 on Binance for a while now, but there are significant developments happening behind the scenes that could take the currency to greater heights.

The Key Word: Global Scale:

Quant was launched in June 2018, and its goal was to connect blockchains and networks on a global scale without reducing their efficiency and interoperability. This goal, when achieved, would enable the transfer of capital from one place to another, making it a critical part of the transformation of money. We are currently in a critical period, and the financial system has the opportunity to evolve to something fit for purpose for the next 30 to 40 years.

ISO 222 Certified:

An essential point to note about Quant is that it is ISO 222 certified, a standard that different cryptocurrencies can join to be accepted by countries and companies that want to adopt a standardized transfer method of money from one place to another.

CBDC and its Benefits:

CBDC is a hot topic currently, with its benefits and potential risks sparking polarizing discussions. It could help central banks soften economic impacts from inflation and deflation by mitigating systemic risks.

The CEO and the New UK Prime Minister:

The CEO of Quant is one of the head people at Quant, and the company is involved with various committees that work with the government in the UK, the European commission, ISO 222 BSI, UK Parliament, and the Bank of England. With the new UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak, we might witness the accelerated adoption of Quant, which could lead to an increased adoption rate for Quant.

The Quant Token and Where It Could Go:

There is an interesting tweet that says, “It’s not here to take part, it’s here to take over.” This statement indicates the potential of Quant to take over, considering its current position in the UK and various committees it is involved in. If they do take over, the adoption rate for Quant would be exponential, making it an excellent opportunity for investment.


In conclusion, Quant is a promising cryptocurrency with a lot of potential. Its ISO 222 certification, involvement with the UK government committees, and the new UK prime minister position it for exponential growth. It is a good idea to keep tabs on Quant to take advantage of possible investment opportunities.

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