What Will Happen to Verasity Cryptocurrency in 2023?

Veracity, a blockchain-based platform, has developed technology that could change the game in the digital advertising industry plagued by ad fraud. Its Proof-of-View protocol-powered platform, Vera Views, uses AI to analyze users’ behavior and device parameters. It then determines whether the engagement was genuine or fake, ensuring advertisers only pay for ads that reach real users. Veracity also has an NFT authentication system to address fraud in the NFT market. With offerings like Vera Esports, the platform has a promising roadmap, and analysts predict that its token, VRA, might peak at $0.18 by 2023.

Veracity Price Prediction 2023

Veracity has been a popular topic in the crypto market owing to its innovative solutions based on blockchain technology. But, how will the Veracity token perform in the future? Are you aware of the latest trends in Veracity? In this article, we provide you with insights into the predicted performance of the Veracity token in 2023.

Veracity in the Past

The price history of Veracity shows that in April 2019, when the project was launched, each Veracity token was worth one twentieth of a cent. However, it did not change much over the duration of 2019 and 2020. The cryptocurrency would often peak and trade at one tenth of a cent, but these highs didn’t last long. Early 2021 witnessed the crypto market on fire, and so was the case with the Veracity token. Within the first three months of 2021, the Veracity token had crossed the one cent mark and kept going higher. The token was soon worth more than five cents, growing by more than ten thousand percent in a matter of weeks. But the highs did not last long. By the end of 2021, Veracity finished at a low point being worth only three cents. In 2022, the token kept dipping, and by the end of January, it was worth only two cents.

Veracity in the Future

Even though the long-term predictions are hit or miss, the market sentiment regarding Veracity seems very positive. Expert analysts predict that Veracity will peak back to five cents by the end of 2022, and in 2023, it will easily trade at 13 cents. Go.Brands believes that by 2025, Veracity would be worth more than 25 cents, and by 2027, it might almost double again to be valued at half a dollar. News Bitcoin 247, however, believes that the growth of Veracity will be much slower, with the token crossing the 10 cent barrier being predicted for somewhere in 2026.

Tokenomics of the Project

As of making this video, Veracity has a market cap of nearly 115 billion dollars, with 4 billion VRA tokens in circulation. The token has a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, so nearly 40% of it is in current circulation. Veracity offers a whopping 18.25% per annum staking bonus if you like staking your cryptocurrencies for some passive income.

Solutions offered by Veracity

Veracity’s Proof-of-View protocol powered platforms called Vera Views is specifically designed and catered towards the 100 billion digital ad industry. The platform is an anti-fraud solution that analyzes the user’s behavior and device parameters in a non-invasive manner. The data is then fed into AI to determine whether the engagement was real or fake. Advertisers only have to pay for ads that impact actual users, so ad publishers don’t lose credibility, and advertisers don’t lose money.

Another industry-changing anti-fraud solution from Veracity is their NFT authentication system. This solution aims to reduce frauds in the NFT market by keeping a publicly auditable ledger of all the changes made to the NFT during its lifetime.

The biggest and best product lineup offered by Veracity is its Vera Esports. Rather than watching gameplay or any other streaming platform, gamers can use Vera Esports to consume gaming content and earn at the same time. The points earned can be redeemed in the store, and VRA is used as the primary tournament reward.


Veracity offers true utility, and with a promising roadmap, it is set for the future. By comparing the price history, we can say that the predicted price of 18 cents can easily be achieved by 2023. The innovative solutions offered by Veracity, such as Vera Views, NFT authentication system, and Vera Esports, holds immense potential for the project’s growth. The upcoming year holds much promise for Veracity, but only time will tell how it will perform in the long run.

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