Experience the Futuristic Blockchain Economy at World Expo 2022 in Dubai! Don’t Miss Out on the Biggest Crypto Event of the Year. Get Your Tickets Now and Discover the Exciting Possibilities. Oct 4-5.

The Blockchain Economy Summit is taking place in Dubai on October 4-5, offering an opportunity to connect with some of the biggest names in the blockchain industry. Attendees will be able to network, find new partners or jobs and listen to speeches from top executives from Forbes, Microsoft and other large firms. The summit is being covered by a number of media outlets including CNN, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance. Tickets are on sale now and a limited-time promotion sees entry prices reduced from $7,999 to $149.


Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about topics in recent years. With the trend showing an increased interest in cryptocurrency, various blockchain events have been organized worldwide. In this video, we will discuss one such significant blockchain event that every cryptocurrency enthusiast would love to attend.

Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai

Jim Crypto presents the Blockchain Economy Summit in Dubai, which is one of the biggest blockchain events to date. This event is essential for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, as it is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with some of the biggest names in the industry. The event is scheduled for 4th and 5th October and will be held in Dubai.

Why Attend Blockchain Economy Summit

Attending the Blockchain Economy Summit can open up numerous opportunities for anyone interested in building a career in cryptocurrency. The event brings together executives from companies like Forbes, Microsoft, and other significant players in the industry. Attendees can connect with them, find job opportunities, partners for their blockchain project, and networking opportunities.

Speakers and Ambassadors

The summit features numerous impressive speakers from significant players in the industry. Among the speakers, you will find trusted leaders like Ledger, Microstrategy, Crypto.com, Amazon AWS, and many more. The event is being covered by CNN, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, among other news outlets. The ambassador of the summit is none other than Titan, the King of Robots.

Getting Started

To attend the Blockchain Economy in Dubai, you can register via the link on the upper hand corner of the video. There is a limited-time promotion where you can get tickets at a discounted price. You can choose from the Center Ticket, which usually costs $7.99, but is now just $149 for a limited time, or the VPI tickets, which usually cost $7,000, are now available for $1,200.


The Blockchain Economy Summit is a massive opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cryptocurrency. Attending the summit can open many doors for attendees to connect with industry leaders, find job opportunities, and network. If you enjoyed this video, smash the like button, and make sure to subscribe to Jim Crypto’s channel for more exciting content.

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