“Discover why GALA Games lands on the ‘A’ List with Logan Paul’s 99 NFT’s”

In the latest episode of Web3 in Under 3, the team discusses the top coins of the week, with Gala prevailing over ApeCoin. They also dive into the world of NFT land, with a focus on Otherdeeds by the Otherside, and highlight that a new trailer has just been released. Additionally, the team mentions Gala’s new playtest for its Superior game and GameStop’s partnership with FTX. The team also discusses Logan Paul’s controversial 99 Originals project, but suggests that it is a legitimate project with some cool art.

Web3 In Under 3: Top Coins

Good morning, BitSquad! Welcome back to Web3 In Under 3! Let’s do it, baby! We’re going to start with the top coins. Then we’re going to get in Justin’s favorite, the metaverse land, and tell you guys the craziest stories that happened this week. Absolutely!

Land Watch: Otherdeeds by the Otherside

A lot of cool stuff happened in Web3 this week, Bryan, right? – Let’s get started! – Yep. Top coin of the week, it was a fight between Gala and ApeCoin, but Gala prevailed. We really think it’s a good time to start DCA’ing into this around the 5¢ level. Absolutely.

And it’s the next segment that we usually do on our livestreams called Land Watch. We’re talking about our favorite and your favorite NFT land floor prices. This week on this show, we’re doing the Otherdeeds by the Otherside. That is the Yuga Labs metaverse coming out.

Crazy Buying Volume and Top Stories

And they just released a new trailer. And they’re telling you all about the dark backstory of the Kodas. So make sure you check that out. Also, some crazy buying volume on Thursday or Friday. Check out the activity. I figured it out, Bryan. What?

Some guy, he bought several plots right there by the main town square. So he bought some high-high-dollar plots. Okay. So there’s the alpha right there. Top stories of the week, guys, Gala’s new playtest for its Superior game is going on right now. So go ahead and check that out.

Also, GameStop partners with FTX. Man, they are in the news everywhere. They are building right now during the bear market, and they are going to come out so far ahead. And one that we kind of had a little controversy on, Logan Paul drops his 99 Originals.

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals

Justin, what did you think about that project? First off, there’s a lot of hate going out there. But if you actually dig deep into this one and watch some of the information that came out about it, this is a legitimate project.

There is actually some cool stuff, some art, that came with it. And if you watch the trailer on this one, you know, the guy that was giving him counsel on this whole thing said, “Hey, man, stop just going after the boob shots. Dig in. Find out who you are. Make it something special.” Yeah, the link to the full video explaining the project is down below. Check it out.

More Web3 News

Guys, that’s just the hottest news we got this week on Web3. Come over to our channel. We got tons more. We’ll see you soon. Have a good weekend!

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