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Zen crypto is a new cryptocurrency project that has caused the mining power of Ethereum to decline since its launch. The project was created by Jack Levin and its aim is to create a universal cryptocurrency that is highly decentralized, transparent, immutable, and trustless. It started with a zero supply and no pre-sale, making its launch potentially the fairest in crypto history. The project operates on the first principles of crypto and is permissionless, making it unique, and is designed to solve issues of centralization, custody, transparency, and adoption. Those who got in early and minted the cryptocurrency could potentially make significant gains.

Investing in Zen Crypto: A Potential 100x Altcoin Gem


As the cryptocurrency market continues to soar, it’s no surprise that investors are always seeking the next big thing when it comes to altcoins. In this article, we’ll take a look at Zen Crypto, a promising altcoin that has already gained considerable attention in its first few days.

The Disclaimer

Before diving into the details of this project, it’s important to understand that this article is not financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrency always comes with risks and it’s crucial that you conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. It’s recommended that you never risk more than what you can afford to lose.

Zen Crypto and Ethereum Connection

Zen Crypto has gained traction in its first few days, causing a decline in Ethereum supply since October 8th. This is because nearly half of Ethereum’s block space has been consumed by Zen Crypto, which resulted in the network issuance falling and gas prices rising. Users have paid more than 1.8 million dollars in gas fees to interact with the token contract, which has a current market cap of 500,000 dollars. As a result, Zen Crypto has resulted in more than the 1,300 Ethereum being burned, which was approximately 1.7 million dollars.

Zen Crypto’s Creator and Goals

Zen Crypto was created by Jack Levin, who aims to empower individuals. The cryptocurrency was created with no pre-mint, no admin keys, and is entirely transparent and on-chain. The project is decentralized, has no listing on centralized exchanges, and offers immutable contracts. Essentially, it started with a zero supply, but offers anyone the chance to mint Zen Crypto.

The Benefit of Early Investment

Investing early in Zen Crypto potentially means receiving more of the cryptocurrency. Currently, the total global rank for Zen Crypto is over 400,000, and the count for active mentors is steadily increasing each day. Moreover, there are more than 155 active stakers with over 476,000 total transactions. As of the time of writing, Zen Crypto’s Genesis block has only been around for two days, so now is considered to be the perfect time to invest in this potential gem.

Zen Crypto’s Features and Benefits

Zen Crypto prides itself on being the first cryptocurrency designed to become universal, with the original mission of blockchain following the first principles of decentralization, transparency, counter-party risk, peer-to-peer value exchange, and self-custody. The protocol itself is permissionless, immutable, transparent, and trustless. What’s more, there are no team allocations, VC funds, or origin addresses.


As with any investing decision, there are risks involved. However, Zen Crypto has many aspects worth considering, especially its potential to achieve an astronomical 100x return. Being an early investor would give you an advantage and potentially, receive more Zen Crypto for minting. Finally, doing thorough research and enlisting in expert advice is recommended, giving you the best chance of investment success.

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