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Crypto YouTuber Stuart, also known as crypto gymhunter, offers his top cryptocurrency picks for 2023. He emphasizes the importance of having a diversified portfolio, including both low and high market cap coins. His picks include lf0, a layer one with a focus on privacy, polygon, a layer two on Ethereum with high market cap, xrp, which is undervalued due to an SEC court case, algorand, which he believes is currently an absolute bargain, and chain link, which he feels is being overlooked but has strong potential for good returns. Stuart also highlights the importance of doing your own research and managing your risk.

My Top Crypto Picks for 2023: LF0, Polygon, XRP, Algorand, and Chainlink


What’s up guys and welcome back to the Crypto Gymhunter’s Channel. My name is Stuart and today I will be sharing my top picks for 2023.

Top Picks


First on my list is LF0. It is a layer one that is focused on privacy and has great tokenomics with a supply of only 300 million coins. They claim to be one of the first coins to solve the blockchain trilemma and use dag technology to achieve it. Their roadmaps show some serious deliverables, including ZK Road apps, which focus on their privacy aspect. They also have a bridge straight into the polka dot network, which is a great sign.


Next on my list is Polygon. It is a layer two sitting on Ethereum and is probably the largest layer two on Ethereum. They are currently working on several projects like NFTs for Disney, digital wallets with Robin Hood, and digital IDs for governments. I see Polygon as a solid coin with real-world use cases, but it might not be the best time to invest as the price is a bit higher.


Next, XRP, which is one of my favorites, is currently going through a court case with the SEC, which caused it to be de-listed from many exchanges around the world. However, I think 37 cents is an extremely undervalued price for XRP, and it will definitely go to three dollars overnight when that court case ends. XRP also works with many governments around the world for cross-border payments for the CBDs.


Another undervalued coin is Algorand. The amount of things that Algorand is working on is impressive, and I think it will surprise a lot of people come the next Bull Run. They also have an upgraded version of Algorand that is compatible with REST, meaning that developers can deploy their apps very quickly onto Algorand without any issues.


Last but not least, Chainlink, which is often overlooked, has great potential for the next Bull Run. It has signed a contract with Swift to work on a cross-border payment proof of concept, and they are also working in the ISO 222 space.


In conclusion, my top picks for 2023 are LF0, Polygon, XRP, Algorand, and Chainlink. Although not all of them are the gems or the mega low caps, they are all solid projects that could provide good returns. Remember, a diverse portfolio is key, so don’t only focus on low caps. Keep an eye on the coins with real-world use cases and proven projects.


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