Buckle Up: Is Cryptocurrency About to Go Wild? (Live Update)

The content is a live stream in which the speaker discusses the recent developments in the cryptocurrency market. They mention the breaking of important resistance levels and seeing major moves in the market. The speaker explains their balanced and cautious investment strategy, which includes having some crypto, selling, and cash to benefit from either a bearish or bullish market. The speaker also talks about some coins they are looking at, specifically AI projects, and mentions SingularityNet, which they believe will go above $1 billion in market cap and potentially up to $5 billion. They also predict that there will be new trends in the upcoming bull run and that some projects in the top 20 may drop out while new ones may enter. The speaker shares some of the projects they are interested in, including Quant, Matic, Alliance Block, and Galaxia.


Welcome back to another live stream on my channel. Hopefully everyone can hear me okay. Let me know if there are any issues with the audio or anything. I’m recording off my laptop with my webcam. In this live stream, I’m just going to be explaining some of the things I’m seeing in crypto right now because we’re seeing some major major moves.

Market Analysis

Some important levels of resistance have been broken, and we’ve seen Bitcoin close the week above 20.7k. I’m not going to get too much into technical analysis, but what I’m going to talk about is some TA, and also we’re going to be talking about some of the coins that I’m looking at.

Investment Strategy

Trying to go all in or all out is a terrible plan. I’m going to give you a balanced view. I’m going to tell you my strategy, which is a balanced steady strategy of success. A cautious strategy, a balanced strategy, a nuanced strategy. This is what makes people wealthy. It’s a simple strategy, nothing complex, but it basically means you get the best of both worlds. Okay, if Bitcoin has bottomed you win, if Bitcoin hasn’t bottomed you win as well.

Top Project Picks

Some of the things I’m seeing right now in the markets. We’re seeing AI projects absolutely boom. Singularity net is one of the top dogs in the AI crypto space. They’re building amazing products on the blockchain, decentralizing AI, and they’ve got decent tokenomics. What is there not to like about Singularity net? Ben gertzel and co are intelligent people. I wouldn’t be surprised we see this in the top 50 in the next bull run. I’m also looking at Quant, Matic, Alliance block, and other solid projects.

Final Thoughts

The next bull run is going to bring some new trends, and we’re going to see some new projects enter this top 20. Who knows what they’re going to be? The ones I’m looking for are the ones that have unique technology, solid tokenomics, and a team that knows what they’re doing. Don’t be a fool and think that we’re going to see the exact same top 20 in crypto in the next bull run. It’s going to be a whole new ball game, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.


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