2021 Metaverse Race: Unveiling the Latest Update on XRP’s Credibility Against the SEC

In this video, the presenter is discussing Bitcoin and its market. However, there are some technical issues with their internet connection and computer, causing delays and interruptions. The presenter promotes an NFT game called “Coin League” and encourages viewers to participate in a contest where they can win one Ethereum and nine Pluto Alliance packs. The cryptocurrency market cap is below $2.5 trillion, below the previous all-time high, with Bitcoin currently trading at $57,500. There is a struggle to set a new low and the presenter expresses concern about the need for a bounce in the market.

Why the Recent Bitcoin Market is Concerning

Recently, the Bitcoin market has been a rollercoaster, and it’s leaving many investors concerned. The market recently dipped below 2.5 trillion dollars, which is below the previous all-time high. The 24-hour volume is also lower at 130 billion dollars. Bitcoin dominance is on the rise at 43.6 percent, and gas fees are still high at 105.5 paraguays per ETH transaction.

Bitcoin’s New Low

Bitcoin’s value has been fluctuating significantly, and we’re now seeing a new low. According to Buy Bit, the new low is at 56.99, which is 600 dollars below the previous low. This is concerning to investors who may be worried about additional dips in the market.

Contest Announcement

Despite the concerning market movement, BitBoy Crypto is giving back to its supporters. The platform is hosting a giveaway, with one Ethereum and nine Pluto Alliance packs up for grabs. The giveaway involves visiting the BitBoy Crypto website, and subscribing to their various online channels.

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