“Unlocking the Mystery of NFTG89: The 999 Token Issued by Top Brand Kangaroo Essence Industry”

Pablo reviews the Golden Diamonds 9 NFT project, which he had previously reviewed a few months ago. He provides basic information about the project and its stake rewards, including a dual-burning mechanism, where 3% of every transaction is burned, 98 million G9 tokens are burned every 10 days, and 10 G9 tokens from every transaction on the G9 mall are burned. The project also offers dual rewards, including staking rewards and a G89 NFT for staking 100 million G9 tokens. The NFT is a limited edition with only 999 tokens available and is part of the G9 mall.

The Launch of Golden Diamonds Nine NFT

Golden Diamonds Nine is a well-known project in the crypto world, and they have recently launched their exclusive NFTs, which is called Golden Diamonds Nine (GDN). In a recent video by Pablo, he talked about the dual burning mechanism, dual reward mechanism, and other information related to this NFT.

Review of Golden 9 Finance

In the video, Pablo mentioned that he had previously reviewed Golden 9 Finance a few months ago. He urged his viewers to watch the 20-minute-long video for basic information about the project, which can be found on the official website of Golden 9 Finance.

The Dual Burning Mechanism

One of the unique features of Golden Diamonds Nine is its dual burning mechanism. Three percent of every single transaction is burnt, enabling the project to generate its liquidity. Moreover, the project burns 98 million G9 tokens every ten days, which is about 9.8 million tokens every day.

The Dual Reward Mechanism

Apart from the dual burning mechanism, Golden Diamonds Nine also has a dual reward mechanism. By buying and holding G9 tokens, individuals can earn six percent USD rewards. Moreover, by staking more than 100 million G9 tokens, individuals can become eligible for one G89 NFT.


The NFT G89 is an exclusive NFT launched by Golden 9 Finance. The contract issues only 999 tokens, and 10 percent of the purchase price is used to burn G9 tokens. Moreover, it is the crown super VIP agent of the G9 malls, and individuals can enjoy global dividends of G9 Australia.


Golden Diamonds Nine is an exciting NFT project that offers both a dual burning mechanism and a dual reward mechanism. The G89 NFT is an exclusive NFT that can only be obtained by staking more than 100 million G9 tokens. With the project’s aim to reach the price of G9 to $1, it is a project worth considering for those interested in investing in crypto.

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