Flow Secures $3M Seed Funding for Development of Rollup Centric NFT Ecosystem

Flow, an NFT ecosystem designed for the modular future, has launched an aggregator in beta on the Ethereum mainnet. The platform “makes NFT bidding a breeze” with its “one bid, buy from everywhere” technology, as well as providing a smooth UX while eliminating the need for unnecessary gas fees. Flow has already secured $3m in seed funding from global investors, including Nima Capital and Shima Capital. Developed by a team with Google and Binance Labs backgrounds, Flow will soon integrate cutting-edge AI technology to automate trading and NFT analytics solutions.

Flow’s developers smart contracts already support the seamless automation of NFT trading actions, protecting users from frontrunners through the routing of transactions via Flashbots. Flow is poised to disrupt the NFT market, especially as the blockchain world moves towards a modular approach, and its platforms leverage shared security from an underlying L1 while building low-cost trading infrastructure and creator tooling.

Flow is available on the Goerli testnet, and details regarding its token launch are set to be released on 30 April. Those interested in contributing to Flow’s success can join the ambassador program, which rewards participation. Flow may prove to be an attractive opportunity for those looking to be a part of the NFT market’s future.

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