“Discover the Hidden Gems for the Next Bullrun – My Top Crypto Picks Revealed!”

The content creator discusses their investment strategy for cryptocurrency, advising against holding too many coins and instead focusing on a few solid projects. They mention Singularity net as a mid-cap gem with a strong team and being at the forefront of AI and AGI development. They also mention holding Bitcoin, Quant, Algorand, and Vechain as high cap gems and Gala and Ajax as mid cap gems in their portfolio. They note the importance of Quantum-resistant blockchains such as Cell Frame and XX Network and suggest allocating funds towards low-cap gems like Calvpn and Nakamoto Games. They also briefly review the gaming project Marshall Mosh.

Gems on the Stream

Welcome to my channel! Today, we’re going to be looking at a few different gems on the stream. I have been accumulating coins for the next bull run and have come to a conclusion that holding too many coins generally isn’t needed. In my portfolio, I will be holding a few different coins, including Bitcoin which I truly believe in. Let’s get into this live stream.

Singularity net

One of the major coins that I will be accumulating is Singularity net. It’s arguably the best AI cryptocurrency out there, and most projects don’t come close. Singularity net is a mid-cap gem, and I truly believe the team behind this project are geniuses. They have been developing advanced AI technology for a long time, including the Sophia robot which got citizenship in Saudi Arabia. I believe it’s not too late to invest in Singularity net as AI is now a trend and we will see mini rallies with these cryptocurrencies.

Cloud TX and Dex Oreo

Regarding Cloud TX and Dex Oreo, I am not currently holding Cloud TX as I believe there are better alternatives out there for low cap gems. Cloud TX is a high risk high reward investment, and it’s up to your own preference whether you want to invest in it or not.

High cap and mid cap gems

I am betting on solid projects for both high cap and mid cap gems. For high cap gems, I’m betting on Quant, while my mid cap gems include Gala and Ajax. I don’t believe it’s worth holding 20-30 tokens in a bull market as it’s hard to manage all the different coins, so I’m only holding a few solid projects.

Micro caps

If you’re looking for micro caps, Calvpn is a good option as it’s built on the cell frame blockchain which is quantum resistant. Quantum computing is developing at a fast rate, and it’s important to protect yourself with quantum resistant blockchains like cell frame and XX Network. Marsh is also a gaming project that’s worth considering.


Investing in cryptocurrency is always a high risk high reward endeavor, but with careful consideration and research, you can maximize your profits. Remember to diversify your portfolio but not to the point where it’s hard to manage. If you have any cryptocurrencies you’d like me to review, feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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