“Discover How Trias Could Make You 150 Times Richer!”

In this video, the presenter discusses Trias, a low-cap gem in the decentralized storage narrative with potential for growth in the future. Trias is a cloud infrastructure service that offers more than just storage, including smart contract execution and a development framework. The project has three main layers: Leviathan, Prometh, and Macata, which aim to provide security, scalability, and incentivize developers and miners to use the platform. The presenter believes that Trias has a 150x potential in the next few years and praises the fact that they already have services that are being adopted by institutions. Trias currently has a market cap of around $5 million, but the presenter believes that it has the potential to increase dramatically with adoption and investment.


Hello everyone and welcome back to another video on my Channel today we’re going to be talking about a low-cap gem in the decentralized storage narrative that I believe has a lot of potential in the next Boron.

The Reason for the Video

The reason I’m making this video today is because I understand A lot of you guys were my patreon one on my channel when I covered crust and Big Data protocol which went on to do a 5 and a 20x respectively. So today we’re going to be talking about a new lookup gem within that narrative that I Believe has a lot of potential.

Trias: The Project

Triass is a great project it’s a cloud infrastructure service however it’s way more complex than that storage isn’t the only thing that they have to offer. It’s a great project and we’re going to be getting into it today.

The Potential of Trias

This project, in my opinion, has about a 150x potential in the next forum and that’s me being conservative. Without further Ado let’s get on to the nitty-gritty.

Understanding Trias

There are so many different projects within the decentralized storage Narrative ones encompassing blockchains another just from personal file storage respectively seeing at about 3 billion 2 billion down to about 40 million and 20 million dollars a mark app but we are going to becoming a project that sits at about five million dollars in Market cap and that is Trias.

Trias Layers Explained

There are three main layers of Triasse Leviathan prometh and macata. The first layer Leviathan, a decentralized global trusted Computing infrastructure to ensure the genuine execution of piece of software. The second layer is the Prometh layer, a decentralized traceable software development and distribution framework to ensure correct composition and constructions of a piece of software. The third and final layer is Mad Carter, a consensus-oriented programming paradigm and general purpose smart contract ecosystem to orchestrate computing resource and software components and manage costs and benefits.

Why Do I Love Trias?

There are so many layer 1 blockchains out there, there are so many hypographs out there, and there are so many decentralized projects out there. What is the main reason why I love this project? If we put aside the scalability and security benefits of Triasse which are crazy benefits, which will incentivize investment and usage of this budget, one of the main reasons I like this project is because they have services out already. They’re not a project which just promises to have services, they’re a project which is already developing and has services to be adopted by institutions already, which is great to see.

The Team Behind Trias

Another reason why I believe this project is great is because even though this project is sitting at about five million dollars a market cap, it hasn’t been carried by like 20 VCs. There’s only about three investors into Trias: Cosmos talk Ventures and NGC Ventures. The fact that it has little VCs backing it is a benefit. Some may see that as a negative, however, I think it’s impressive that they have reached upwards of about 40 million dollars in market cap previously and currently set at about 4 million or 5 million dollars in market cap.

Potential of Trias

In terms of where I believe this project could go in the next forum, before we answer that question, we need to understand what’s the type of investment that’s going to be coming into Trias. Is it going to be retail, is it going to be institution? This understanding will help us realize what kind of investment is needed to treat us to drive with the price. Percy I think a project like Trias relies more on adoption than on hype.

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