“Unveiling The Hottest Crypto Out There: AlienCrypto – A Review on the Pathway to the Moon πŸš€”

The article discusses the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Huobi, which offers services such as a cryptocurrency exchange, OTC market, spot trading, and leverage trading. The platform also offers new features such as Huobi Pool and My Coin Mining. The article highlights a current promotion with Huobi in partnership with banks, offering a zero percent gateway fee for deposits made through visa and mastercard for USDT deposits. The promotion lasts for one month. The article provides instructions on how to take advantage of the promotion and encourages readers to join the Huobi community on Twitter and Telegram for news and events.


Today we are going to be discussing one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and the opportunities that come with it. Before we begin, a small disclaimer: I am a financial advisor and it is important for individuals to research and invest only what they can afford to lose.

What is the WHO?

The WHO is the world’s leading blockchain asset service platform that offers a variety of services, including cryptocurrency exchange, OTC market, spot trading, liquidity minting, individual zone transaction, and features that allow you to trade currency with leverage. Additionally, they have new features such as WHO Pool and My Coin Mining, making it one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.


Now, let’s dive into the new promotions provided by WHO starting with their newest lounge. WHO has partnered with banks and offers a graded deal for deposits via Visa and Mastercard. Depositing money on the site offers the user zero percent gateway fee for USDT. This promotion is available for one month.

How to Deposit

On the WHO website, you will find a form to input the desired amount of deposit. After clicking “buy now” and choosing the Visa or Mastercard option, the form will show the best offer which has a reference price of 1.03. Purchasing the USDT will allow the user to get the same amount that is charged from the Visa or Mastercard deposits.

Joining WHO Community

If you decide to join WHO’s community, you can head over to the WHO OTC Twitter page and follow them for updates in different competitions and events. You can also follow WHO OTC on Lingam for project news and event announcements. If you want to be notified of all the news from the project, you can join my Telegram group with the handle “Alien Crypto.” For more information, head over to who.com and check out the promotions for yourself.

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