“Unveiling Presearch Mainnet: Meet the Mastermind Colin Pape, Founder & CEO – Insights from Blockchain Interviews”

Block West Capital’s Ashton Addison interviews Colin Pape, founder and CEO of Presearch, a decentralized search engine driven by the community. Presearch’s vision is to provide an alternative economy that funnels back economic value into the community. The project offers a decentralized search engine that transparently and honestly sources information with blockchain technology that eliminates third-party manipulation. Presearch’s recent mainnet launch received support from over 65,000 user nodes, enabling the platform to now run decentralised crawlers, do indexing, and search indexes. Their ultimate goal is to put the power back into the hands of users who participate in the governance, creating a kind of public utility that the internet needs and deserves.

The World of Decentralized Search Engines

Ashton Addison from Block West Capital interviews Colin Pape, founder and CEO of Pre-Search, on the Crypto Coin Show. Their conversation centers around how Pre-Search utilizes blockchain technology to build a decentralized search engine that empowers the community.

Pre-Search’s Vision

Pape discusses his vision for Pre-Search as a decentralized search engine that is driven by the community. They aim to create an alternative economy that channels economic value back to the users, rather than funneling it all to Google’s ad platform. Pre-Search enables the community to play an active role in the information that is accessible through the search engine, as well as its economic value.

A Better Search Engine for the People

As search engines are the landing page of the internet, it is vital that they respect the privacy and security of the users. Pre-Search aims to utilize the ethics of blockchain and decentralization to provide users with a better search engine that prioritizes their needs without taking from them.

The Importance of Decentralization

Pape notes that the early days of the internet were exciting because users had direct and free access to all kinds of properties and channels without interference. Eventually, however, the landscape changed, and big tech companies now have a stronghold on the market, extracting as much value as possible from users’ data. Pre-Search aims to put the power back into the hands of the people who utilize the platform, enabling them to participate in the governance and look under the hood of the technical process.

Mainnet Launch and the Future of Searching

Pre-Search recently launched their test net, which allows users to install the software on their computer or server and connect to the Pre-Search network, making available the processing, storage, and bandwidth that their computer has, in return for pre-search cryptocurrency. Pape notes that Pre-Search has over 65,000 user nodes, enabling them to access information from multiple sources that exist on the internet.

Their infrastructure now provides them with a foundation to start running decentralized crawlers, indexing, searching indexes, and building out an independent and open-source search engine. With this shift in direction, Pre-Search has almost no ties to the legacy financial and technical systems, which is a significant step forward for building a truly decentralized search engine.

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