“Unleash Your Inner Crypto Wizard: Master the Art of Creating Crypto Tokens and Presales with Pinksale Tutorial and Advanced Concepts πŸ’ŽπŸš€”

The content is a YouTube video tutorial on how to create a cryptocurrency token and pre-sell with the use of resources such as Pink Cell and Brew Labs. The video emphasizes that launching your own cryptocurrency project can be profitable compared to buying pre-existing cryptocurrencies. Pink Cell is a launchpad where users can create their own token and launch it from there, while Brew Labs provides additional services such as contract auditing, customization, telegram bots, and custom code. The video explains how to create a token with Pink Cell, customization options, and fees. Additionally, it provides an overview of the leaderboard and different launchpad options for those interested in exploring new cryptocurrency projects.

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Token and Pre-Sell


Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular method of investment and making money. With the rise of cryptocurrency projects, pre-sales, and token launches, creating your own cryptocurrency has become an exciting new opportunity to maximize your return. In this article, we will discuss how you can create your own cryptocurrency token and pre-sell using Pink Cell and Brew Labs.

Essential Components:

The first essential component you will need for creating your own cryptocurrency is Pink Cell. Pink Cell is a launchpad that allows you to create your own token and launch it from there. The second essential component is Brew Labs which provides additional services needed in conjunction with your cryptocurrency pre-sale or token launch on Pink Cell. This includes contract auditing, customization and writing the contract for you.

Creating Your Token:

Creating a token is a simple process with Pink Cell. All you need to do is connect your wallet and select Create Token. Pink Cell offers various token types, including standard token, liquidity generator token, baby token, and more. If you choose the standard token, there will be no fees, and your token will remain static.

Launching Your Token:

After you have created your token, you can launch it on Pink Cell by selecting Create LaunchPad. Follow the required steps to launch your token, including selecting the currency you want to use and the fee options. Pink Cell charges a commission fee of 5% for BNB and a 2% fee for both BNB and token.

Additional Services:

Brew Labs provides additional services needed to customize your token and pre-sale. They offer consulting services to help you write your token contract, and they can also audit your contract. Additionally, they have telegram bots and can write custom code for your project. They also offer their token on Pancake Swap.


Creating your own cryptocurrency is an exciting opportunity to maximize your return, and Pink Cell and Brew Labs offer the necessary services to launch your token successfully. With their help, you can create a customized, reliable token and pre-sell that will attract investors and bring you profit.

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