Unleash Your Dominance with Lord of Power – A Web3.0 Strategy Game Powered by Blockchain Tech

The Lord of Power is a new crypto game that combines gaming and finance, with an NFT infrastructure and a play-to-earn business model. The game includes features such as staking, magic crystal production, mining, territory construction, card collection, equipment building, resource collection, combat, and more. The equipment is sold or rented on the transaction interface, with six different types available, and players can level up their gear to gain more attributes and combat power. The game also includes large-scale combat modes like territory war and kingdom war. The team behind the game is partnering with companies like BitMart and Pancake Swap, and the game is set to officially launch in November 2022.

Introduction to Lord of Power

Welcome to the Crypto Gangster Channel, where we showcase the best banger crypto projects. Today, we’re featuring Lord of Power, a game that combines decentralized finance and gaming for players to optimize and upgrade their gameplay. It presents a new gaming experience where users can earn money while playing the game.

Game Features

Lord of Power is a game that has a lot of different features, including the staking function and game, which will be launched officially in November 2022. It is a play-to-earn game with NFT equipment at its core. Players can optimize and upgrade the game according to the characteristics of the gameplay.

In the game, players can construct mining territory, synthesize magical crystals, process fabric, upgrade the war college, town center, and explore large-scale combat modes like territory war and Kingdom war.

There are also different materials, such as a refinery, mushroom garden, metal refinery, lumbering yard, dual company, iron Orefield, and herbal garden. The game has six types of gear, inferior, fine, excellent, epic, legend, mythology, which contain attributes, combat power bonus, defense, and speed bonus.

Economic Model

Lord of Power has a total issue of one billion tokens, with 62% allocated for the game, 20% for advisory, 5% for IEO, 5% for rewards, 3% for flow sale, and 5% for marketing.

Team and Partnerships

The team consists of CEO, technical artist, blockchain developer, co-founder of the blockchain lab, and head of the blockchain lab.

Lord of Power has partnered with different companies such as BitMart, Pancake Swap, Aurora, and Daily BSC.

White Paper

Lord of Power’s white paper presents an infrastructure that combines decentralized game fight and metaverse. The game aims to build a leading NFT ecosystem on the blockchain space, providing sustainable value to its users and investors.

Gameplay and Summary

Lord of Power presents a new gaming experience where users can enjoy and earn money simultaneously. With NFT technology, players can earn real value as their game characters and items are encoded into NFTs and created markets for them.

In conclusion, Lord of Power combines gaming and finance, creating a new way of earning and playing incentives for players. It is a must-try game for crypto enthusiasts who love to play and earn at the same time.

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