MOOI Network is now listed on MEXC, which enhances accessibility to its ecosystem.

Singapore-based MOOI Limited has listed on leading exchange MEXC Global. MOOI’s decentralised ecosystem provides a range of services spanning non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, utility infrastructure, decentralised exchanges and game platforms. MOOI officials said the listing would boost accessibility to these services, and help develop its user base globally. Investors can now trade the MOOI token on MEXC, as well as internally within MOOI’s ecosystem. The Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is in the process of adding more NFT services on its platform. MOOI’s ecosystem includes a multi-chain wallet, with support for Ethereum, as well as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon/Matic. MOOI’s platform for NFTs, IMOOI, allows for the purchase, creation and sale of NFTs. The platform also enables cross-chain transactions. MOOI’s partner, EscapeNFT, is a decentralised marketplace for game asset trading. On escapeNFT, game community members can trade assets of different games, without needing a centralised authority. Other services on MOOI’s ecosystem include MooiSwap, a decentralised exchange utilising automated liquidity, and the gaming solution, MooiGames.

MEXC Global, which stands for “Mobile Exchange Cross” is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange. Based in Singapore, the exchange is making significant efforts to expand its services by reach agreements with technology startups such as MOOI. With MOOI gaining increased exposure to institutional investors, its ecosystem is poised for continued growth in the coming months as part of its overall strategy to become more widely-recognised. A statement by MOOI said: “By listing on MEXC, MOOI aims to create a win-win situation by providing a low-latency trading experience and real-time trading orders for MEXC users, while increasing transaction volume potential, thus in turn increasing the value of MOOI”. The alliance with MEXC also marks a milestone for MOOI in gaining more traction globally. MOOI is an incubation project of Asia Pacific Exchange (APEX) and has established relationships with several top global companies including Huobi Cloud, Binance Cloud and AWS in order to streamline several aspects of its operation. The alliance with MEXC is the latest step in MOOI’s journey to becoming a definitive cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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