Maximizing Your Profit with Memecoins: The Foolproof Crypto Casino Portfolio

BitBoy Crypto, a YouTube channel focused on cryptocurrency, has announced the creation of a “casino memecoin portfolio”. The portfolio will contain cryptocurrency “meme coins” that have limited utility but have gained attention and value due to social media hype. BitBoy Crypto plans to add Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and HEX to the portfolio, and has vowed to involve its audience in selecting other meme coins to add in future. The channel’s creator said he wants to gain firsthand experience with meme coins and offer insights that may help guide investment strategy during the next bull market.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

My name is Ben. I never thought I was going to make this video, guys. Look at that reflection. Look at the way that man holds the camera. He’s amazing. That’s me.

Talking about Memecoins

Guys, today, we’re going to talk about memecoins. I don’t talk to you guys about memecoins a lot. Why? Because I don’t think they have any value. I don’t think they’re good. And I’m certainly not going to sit here and tell you to buy some. Okay? You’re never going to see me come into a chat, come on to Twitter and say, “Look at this memecoin. This one’s amazing. There’s going to be–” no, it’s all hype-driven.

Opening a Casino Portfolio

We’re going to open up what we are going to call our casino portfolio. Now, why are we opening up this casino portfolio? It’s because we’re sponsored by Stake and we love casinos? It could be. It actually could be. We do love Stake. They are awesome. Thank you to Stake for being the main channel sponsor of BitBoy Crypto. And if you guys want to check them out, you guys go to Check out my Twitter bio. We do another fun giveaway with them here pretty soon. So make sure to check it out. Let’s go.

Experiencing Memecoins

But the fact is, is we’re going to run this casino portfolio because I want to see the results. Okay? You go back to the last market. And we didn’t have– I mean, we bought some Dogecoin at like a penny, sold it at 7¢, bought it back at 20¢, sold it at 70¢. It’s kind of some trades.

Add to the Casino Portfolio

For the casino memecoin portfolio, we’re going to get the channel involved. What we’re going to do is we’re going to be bringing y’all on over this next year. Now, these will not be sponsored in any way. These will not be– Nobody’s going to be able to pay to come on the channel. Okay? However, we’re going to be looking at several memecoins and we’re going to do maybe an interview with the founder. And we’re going to let the audience vote on whether we should add it to our portfolio or not.

Allocating Investments

Do the research and figure out if there’s a percentage of your portfolio that you would like to allocate to fund things, whether it’s NFTs or memes or HEX or whatever it is, right? If that’s stuff that you want to do. But don’t be putting the major– keep the majority of your investments 90% in major coins in the top 100. Most of that should be in the top 10 to 20, okay?

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