Discover the Ultimate Portfolio Plan for Surviving the 2023 Bear Market

In the latest portfolio update video for Week 11, the host reports that the $1,000 portfolio is down $98 while $650 of it is in stablecoins, with the portfolio split between Ethereum, ADA, and SAND. The $10,000 portfolio is down $854 with $5,800 in stablecoins and this portfolio includes XRP, MATIC, and Optimism. Meanwhile, the $25,000 portfolio is down $2,100, but $15,000 of it is still in stablecoins. The host explains they are being patient to time the market and optimize the portfolios, and also mentions a successful risky move with Algorand, although not recommending it for beginners.


In this week’s portfolio video, Ben is not present, so one of his colleagues replaces him. They talk about the $1,000, $10,000, and $25,000 portfolios and the coins they hold. They also talk about the ISO 20022 $5,000 portfolio and Algorand, an advanced trading strategy.

The Portfolios

The $1,000 portfolio with Ethereum, ADA, and SAND is down $98, with $650 in stablecoins. The $10,000 portfolio with Ethereum, ADA, SAND, XRP, MATIC, and Optimism is down $854, with $5,800 in stablecoins. The $25,000 portfolio with Ethereum, ADA, SAND, XRP, MATIC, Optimism, BNB, ALGO, HBAR, and Filecoin is down $2,100, with $15,000 in stablecoins. For the ISO 20022 $5,000 portfolio, they are up $421, with $1,800 in stablecoins.^1

An Advanced Trading Strategy

The presenter explains the Algorand portfolio, which is a risky trading strategy. With $5,000, they bought 16,199 ALGO at 31¢ per token. When Algorand’s price went up to 38.5¢, they sold it for $6,200, making $1,200 in total. After the market correction, the presenter bought back in at 31¢, purchasing 20,000 Algorand, making a little over $1,400 in total. This strategy was made possible using the Lux Algo indicator system^2.


The presenter warns beginners not to try this strategy and recommends using Lux Algo. They also thank their viewers and invite them to follow them on social media to talk about crypto and Algorand.


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