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The content covers a discussion of two cryptocurrencies, Bomb and Charlie 3. The speaker notes that information on Bomb’s tokenomics is limited, and although the project idea seems good, there are already many web 3 blockchains and ecosystems that cater to various needs. Charlie 3, meanwhile, is a decentralized Oracle solution built on Cardano, but it is solely on Sunday swap and has low liquidity, suggesting that it may not attract much institutional investment. The speaker also briefly mentions AIoZ, which has a market cap of around $23 million and circulating supply of about 70 million, and is available on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and KuCoin.

Analyzing the Liquidity of AIOTech, Charlie3, and Theta CDN


In this live stream, the speaker discusses the liquidity and potential of three different cryptocurrency projects: AIOTech, Charlie3, and Theta CDN. The speaker explores the availability of data regarding these projects, including market cap, circulating supply, and liquidity, in order to evaluate their investment potential.


AIOTech is a web 3 blockchain and ecosystem that caters to many different needs. The speaker notes that there isn’t much data regarding AIOTech’s tokenomics, which is a red flag for potential investors. However, the price is at 0.02, and if the project were to do a 2X, we could see the liquidity in this project on KuCoin alone. The speaker also notes that the project idea seems good, but without transparency regarding tokenomics, it’s difficult to fully evaluate this project’s potential.


Charlie3 is a decentralized Oracle solution built on top of Cardano’s back-end. The speaker notes that there is only 3.5 million dollars in market cap and a circulating supply of about 21, which is quite low. The liquidity in this project is also quite low, with only about 30k available. The speaker concludes that this project’s idea may not be good enough to attract institutional investment.

Theta CDN

Theta CDN is a blockchain designed for video streaming. The speaker notes that Theta CDN has a lot of potential and is bullish on the project. Theta CDN has a market cap of around 23 million dollars and a circulating supply of about 70. The project is available on many different markets, including UniSwap, Pancake Swap, and KuCoin. The speaker concludes that Theta CDN is an excellent project to invest in, with a lot of potential for growth.


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