Discover the Hidden Altcoins Set to Trigger Alt Season: A Programmer’s Take on Solana Rivals

Good Morning Krypton discusses key changes occurring in the alt market that could potentially lead to a new bull run. The emergence of innovative projects like Aptos, Radix, and Sui, which are all based on the programming languages move and script, could be the start of this new trend. Radix is set to launch its RC release candidate network in Q1 or Q2 of 2023, allowing developers to build using script. Using asset-based language, projects built on these languages are faster and simpler than those built on Ethereum. Morales, a web3 infrastructure provider, is integrating with these protocols and seeking senior software engineers to join their team.

Good Morning Krypton: Key Changes Happening in the Ultimate Market


In this episode of Good Morning Krypton, we’re discussing the key changes that are happening in the ultimate market. Each bull run starts with some kind of innovation, like Ethereum in 2017 and Bitcoin in 2013, and now we’re seeing a whole new trend happening in altcoins.

Solana and Rust-Based Ecosystem

A lot of the new projects launching are utilizing the rust-based ecosystem, like Solana. However, Solana has been facing technical issues, leading to the emergence of new projects like Aptos and Sui, which are also rust-based and using the programming language called Move.


Another project to watch is Radix, whose mainnet is going live in Q1 or Q2. It’s also rust-based but uses a different programming language called Script. With Script, you can build applications similar to those on Ethereum but much quicker and with fewer lines of code.

Working with these Protocols

If you’re interested in working with these protocols, Morales offers opportunities to join our team. We’re integrating all these protocols and powering the biggest wallets, exchanges, D5 applications with data, and APIs. If you’re a senior software engineer who’s excited about Web3, Morales is the best place to work.

The Significance of Working in Web3

Working in Web3 allows you to make a meaningful impact and be involved in projects that have mass adoption. In contrast, most dev jobs don’t do something that meaningful. You’re just building another app or game that won’t change the world. But in Web3, you’re writing yourself down in history books.


Changes are happening in the ultimate market, and we’re witnessing new trends emerging in altcoins. With projects like Solana, Aptos, Sui, and Radix, there’s a lot of potential for growth and innovation. Working in Web3 offers opportunities to make a meaningful impact and be part of something big.

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