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The content discusses various aspects related to the cryptocurrency Zeal, including its price, potential support areas, Google Trends statistics, and volume to market cap ratio. The chart analysis shows some bottoming out at around nine cents after losing support at 10 cents, with the next institutional support level at 7 each cents. The traffic for Zeal’s website in April was six times higher than any other month, while the volume for Zeal is still good, and its Google Trends is bottoming down. The video also discusses two other news items, including a hack resulting in a loss of 13.4 million from the D5 protocol and Phantom Man D5, and the introduction of the blockchain and tech ETF IBLC by BlackRock.

Zeal Crypto: Price Analysis, Website Traffic, and News Updates


Zeal is a cryptocurrency that has been in the market for a while now, and it has caught the attention of many investors. In this article, we will be discussing various aspects of Zeal, ranging from its price analysis to website traffic, and news updates.

Price Analysis

The chart of Zeal indicates that the cryptocurrency is experiencing a bottoming out around the nine cents area. After losing support at 10 cents, the next institutional support level is 7 cents. An indicator shows the odds of the short term and long term, pointing out a 62% win and 68% win, respectively. The view up is curving up after a considerable red money flow situation over a few days, and the volume for Zeal is still good, with 339 million relative to its market cap of around 30%.

Website Traffic

According to a statistic from Lunacres, Zeal’s website traffic in April closed at six times higher than any other month previously. This is a good sign for its potential growth, and it shows that investors are interested in the cryptocurrency.

Google Trends

The google trends for Zeal is currently bottoming down. If you are an investor in cryptocurrencies, this could be an opportunity to buy, as it is always good to buy when others are fearful.

News Updates

In other news, a D5 protocol running on Phantom, which allows developers to create financial services, has been compromised for 30 million flash loans. This is sad news for investors in D5 protocol. However, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, is introducing the blockchain and tech ETF iBLC to its product line in the hopes of providing customers with more exposure to crypto and blockchain-related forms. This is good news for the crypto space, and it’s a positive sign for the growth of Zeal.


Zeal is a cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential, and investors should keep an eye on its performance. The price analysis shows that it has a good volume relative to its market cap, and its website traffic is also increasing. Additionally, the google trends for Zeal is bottoming down, which could be an excellent opportunity to buy for investors. Finally, the news updates show that the growth of the crypto space is expanding, and this could be good news for the growth of Zeal.

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