Discover the Artificial Intelligence Projects Making Strides for 2023 πŸš€ (One is Set to Achieve 100x Growth)

The article discusses the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s changing people’s lives around the world. The author highlights a few projects in the AI space, including Graph fetch AI singularity NFT and is a general-purpose blockchain platform designed to promote transparency and openness in AI development. They are about to launch their Intellid chain, which allows developers to upload their trained data onto the blockchain, enabling anyone to build on it and monetize their data. The article concludes by encouraging readers to check out, as it has a lot of potential in the fast-growing AI space.

Exploring The Next Big Thing in AI and Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic lately, and it all started with chat GPT. If you are not familiar with chat GPT, a quick Google search will get you up to speed. AI is currently changing lives, and people around the world are making the most out of it. It is most likely just the beginning, and over the next couple of years, big companies will have an AI component.

Chat GBT has already changed the world, and many people are trying to see how they can work with and adapt to it. This is why many are looking at different AI projects from various companies. Several big projects such as Graph Fetch AI, Singularity NFT, for example, are valued at over 800 million. With these projects, a 10x return is definitely possible.

In the world of AI investment, investors are always looking for new projects that hold great potential. This brings us to, a general-purpose blockchain platform designed to promote openness and transparency in artificial intelligence development.

Currently valued at $10 million, has very interesting technology, and early investors still have room to benefit. The platform is powered by an Acria (ACR) token. ACR is listed on different exchanges, including CoinsBit, P2PB2B, Uniswap, and Asia Bit.

The Platform is about to launch their Intelligent Chain, their new blockchain that solves a massive problem facing the AI market. With Chat GPT, all the trained data is in closed sources, and no developer can make use of it, making it impossible to use AI across the board.

However, the Intelligent Chain allows Chat GPT to upload its first training data onto the blockchain, enabling developers to make use of this data, improve on it, and even monetize it.

A Great Investment Opportunity

For AI developers, is a great investment opportunity. Any developer can use it and build on great tools they offer, provide their train data on the blockchain, and monetize it. This will drive up the token’s value tremendously. is listed on enough exchanges, and early investors still have time to benefit before it gets listed on more significant exchanges like Binance and Kucoin in the near future.

The Final Thoughts

If you’re new to AI or an expert in the field, is definitely a project you should be checking out. They have a great team behind them, a great community pushing them, and they are always at the forefront of AI innovation. Follow them on all social media channels to learn more about the project’s exciting developments and how to become a part of its thriving community.

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