CropBytes’ Game Community Achieves 5-Year Success

CropBytes, a farm simulation game launched in 2018, has become a leading crypto gaming experience, attracting over 600,000 organic downloads worldwide. The game includes a simple yet intricately designed playscape, allowing players to build a stable and sustainable economy. The team behind the game is committed to creating a long-term game for crypto players, ensuring sustainable economics by addressing liquidity crises and asset inflation early on. The gameplay includes features such as balanced economy, real ownership, open-market trading, and utility-based gaming.

CropBytes has achieved several milestones, including Asset Mining v2.0, which introduces a miner avatar to complete mining jobs in the form of playing fishing games. Spin the Wheel is another feature in the game where users receive one free spin per day and can buy up to three spins for 10 CBX each. CropBytes listed its ERC-1155 tokens on Polygon, providing opportunities for players to create more value for their virtual assets outside of the game.

CropBytes used Tron (TRX) for its game, but eventually introduced its own token, CBX, which became central to the game’s economics. Over 200,000 players now own CropBytes’ ERC-1155 tokens, worth over $19 million, available for purchase on OpenSea and NiftySwap. CropBytes’ roadmap for 2023 includes a revised referral program, private job postings, auto-post of all jobs, game mechanics improvements, public metrics dashboard, and creating more value for assets.

The future looks bright for the innovative farm simulation game with the recent launch of its fungible assets on the Polygon chain and upcoming improvements to gameplay and mechanics. CropBytes’ vibrant community can be found on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Readers should do their research and take their own actions concerning the company. Cointelegraph is not responsible or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials in this sponsored publication.

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