What Happened Inside The SBF Hearing? Inside Scoop Revealed by Bitboy in Exclusive VLOG!

BitBoy Crypto has provided further details about his recent trip to the Bahamas, during which he filed police charges against Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF) and attended his trial for extradition. BitBoy was not allowed to take his phone into the courtroom and was prevented from creating a Twitter Space inside the building. BitBoy said that 20 minutes of footage will be used in a future documentary, and that SBF was expected to remain in the Bahamas for at least a year. BitBoy also criticised Forbes for suggesting that SBF chose to stay in the Bahamas.

BitBoy Goes to Courtroom in the Bahamas

At the courtroom in the Bahamas, BitBoy found himself in a memorable encounter with SBF, the person he had filed criminal charges against. As soon as he walked in, SBF saw him over his lawyer’s shoulder and whispered to his lawyer, “Oh, my God. There’s BitBoy.”

Miscommunication on Footage

There was a miscommunication about the footage taken at the courthouse. BitBoy had a lot of footage from around the court, but wasn’t allowed inside. He had to turn off and hand over his phone to his security, which prevented him from getting any footage from inside the courtroom.

Attempt to Get Footage with Twitter Space

BitBoy attempted to get some footage by making a Twitter space and walking in the courthouse with it turned on. However, he had his phone taken away as he was walking in.

Problems with SBF and Getting Listed

BitBoy had filed charges against SBF, leading to the courtroom encounter. He identified SBF’s case as one of the biggest financial crimes in the world ever. He also discussed the difficulties he experienced when trying to get listed.

The Bahamian People’s Reaction to SBF’s Case

The Bahamian people were proud, and they didn’t want SBF to be extradited. SBF was supposed to stay in jail in the Bahamas for at least a year. However, his lawyer managed to change the game, allowing him not to be extradited two days after the hearing.

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