Unveiling the Mysterious Low Cap Cryptocurrencies That Could 100X (Live)

The content is a live stream in which the speaker is back at his setup at home to hunt for gems in the crypto market. He discusses a coin called dmtr, which focuses on making the agricultural industry more efficient with the use of AI, smart contracts, and blockchain, stating that it could be a profitable investment due to its partnerships and low market cap, despite concerns about the circulating supply. The speaker also expresses gratitude towards his subscribers for their support and discusses the growth of his YouTube channel. He encourages viewers to stick around for questions and comments.


Welcome back to another live stream on my channel! It feels good to be back at my setup at home doing another live stream. I’ve got my four monitors at my setup, it’s so much more efficient, and the internet’s better. Everything is just better than when I’m on vacation or in Dubai, so yeah, it feels great to be back.

The Focus

Now that I’m back, I’m in complete focus mode, gem hunting, finding the very best gems before the next Bull Run so that all of you guys can make incredible gains just like myself and my patreons are making. I’m determined to be doing this, so as much as it was great being in Dubai, I feel that I can really get cracking now that I’m at home. I feel way more productive at my own setup. Let’s get straight into this!

The Gratitude

There’s a crazy amount of people already in the live stream. It’s really incredible to see the growth on this channel. I’m so fortunate for all of you guys. It proves that we’re providing value on this channel. I’m sharing some great gems and people are obviously making money because, if I wasn’t, you guys wouldn’t be subscribing.

The Picks

Let’s get straight into some of these gems, some of these picks that I want to discuss on this live stream. The first one I want to talk about is dmtr.

The Consideration

Now, I’ve sent out a consideration alert to all of my patreons. I haven’t bought this, and I haven’t sent out a buy alert, but I’ve sent out the consideration alert, which means that this coin is very hot on my radar. It’s a coin that I’m looking at seriously considering putting money into. It’s packed with utility. I think this could really benefit the agricultural sector, and if you merge AI, smart contracts, and the blockchain technology together, you can make things much more efficient.

The Comparison

We’ve seen this with projects like Morpheus Network. I’m bullish on these supply chain cryptos, and this project is no different. But it’s more specific into the agricultural sector. Now we know there’s a lot of inefficiencies in the agricultural sector, and we know how much we need it. This isn’t the most flashy, cool metaverse project. It’s not the most futuristic project either. But what it is, it’s a money maker. This is a project that can make a lot of money, and ultimately, that’s what we’re interested in in crypto. We want to make a lot of money. We don’t care if it’s the most flashy, cool-looking project in the world. We’re interested in making money.

The Rule

Anyone who watches this channel regularly will know I have a rule around 50. This is usually the rule that I look at. I also look at 30 to 50% for very low cap gems. So, in my opinion, market cap dilution isn’t as much of a threat if it’s a low-cap gem. The only thing holding me back from throwing in my thousands into this is the circulating supply.

The Ticking Boxes

This gem ticks all the boxes for me. It is an interesting project, like I said, not the most flashy project in the world, but the utility is certainly there.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, this is an interesting gem. Shout out to whoever it was in my VIP telegram group who shared this gem with me, because I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for them. Shout out to everyone in my VIP telegram group. Let’s keep making money in crypto!


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