Step Up Your Game with QUANT: ISO 20022 Crypto Positioned for Dominant Role

Quant, a UK-based software project and self-proclaimed first operating system for blockchain technology, has seen its QNT token rise by 70% in one month during the current crypto winter bear market. The software offers interoperability for tokenisation of assets, financial messaging and access to CBDCs. The project is potentially compliant with ISO 20022, which could lead to widespread crypto adoption, and was the topic of discussion at the recent Sibos financial services event. Although priced at $180, exceeding its $100 price a month ago, the token has only a 14 million max supply, making it an attractive investment.


Surviving a true crypto winter bear market is tough for any project in the cryptocurrency world. However, one project seems to be not only surviving but thriving amidst these harsh conditions, and that project is Quant.

About Quant

Quant is a project that was founded and developed in the UK in 2018, during the last bear winter. Unlike most blockchain projects, Quant is more of a software and it’s dubbed as the first operating system for blockchain technology. It has four layers which include the transaction layer, the message layer, the filtering and ordering layer and the application layer.

Uses of Quant

Quant can be used for anything that needs interoperability such as tokenization of real-world assets, stablecoins, financial messaging, and public access to CBDCs. The QNT token pays for the Overledger license, transaction costs and other fees.

Progress Made by Quant at Sibos

Quant has made some significant progress at Sibos, a financial services event organised by SWIFT from October 10-13 this year, with 9,300 participants. The project was able to publish a guide called “Digital assets- Ready for center stage,” which aims to work with financial institutions, governments, multinational companies and fintech developers to create better regulation, figure out how to use DLT in mainstream financial operations, and develop crypto-friendly CBDCs.

Quant and Interoperability

Quant believes that interoperability is crucial to the digital transformation, as it makes blockchains interoperable with one another, and applications from one chain can sync up with applications on another. This makes it a viable solution to the problem of walled ecosystems and metaverses everywhere. Its Overledger tokenized API creates digital assets designed for interoperability, and Quant’s suite can create institutional-grade tokens without having to write even a single line of code.

Price of QNT

The price of QNT is currently around $180, up over $100 from where it was a month ago. The maximum supply of QNT is only 14 million, which is smaller than even that of Bitcoin. The remaining supply was burned in September of 2018, leaving only 14 million.


Quant’s success in a bear market and its potential as an ISO 20022-compliant project make it a promising investment in the crypto world. With its technology and dedicated team, it’s sure to be a good performer in both the bear and bull markets.

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