“Discover the Latest Trade Analysis of VeChain, Zilliqa, and Ethereum – Take Action Today!”

In this video, the speaker discusses some top altcoins and recent trades that have been taken, as well as potential trades that viewers can follow. The video starts by discussing Bitcoin, which is currently in a bullish period, and how this can lead to other coins moving up as well. The speaker then goes on to discuss Ethereum, V Chain, and Silica and the trades that have been made using different strategies such as finding levels of demand or supply with imbalances or order blocks. The video emphasizes the importance of utilizing different time frames and strategies to make successful trades.

Top Alt Coins to Watch: Analyzing Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


In this video, we will be discussing some of the top alt coins to watch, as well as exploring recent trades in the market. We will be using various indicators and price actions to make informed decisions.


Firstly, let’s take a look at Bitcoin to frame the market. We are currently experiencing a bullish period for Bitcoin, which is a rarity in the last six months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bitcoin will increase to 100,000 anytime soon, but we can anticipate other coins moving up as well. This is an excellent opportunity to make gains on lower cap coins.

Fair Value Gap and Imbalances

We can make use of fair value gaps and imbalances in price to make trades. An imbalance is the gap between two candles, which can act as a level that price wants to move from, especially on higher time frames. We saw this in action with Bitcoin, where it tapped into the fair value gap and moved away. We can make trades by identifying order blocks and gaps in price, entering on the break of structure, and taking profits at previous highs.


Moving on to Ethereum, we made two major level trades. By identifying levels of demand or supply with an imbalance, we can wait for the price to fall into it and then enter on the retest. This is a simple but effective strategy that we can use on various timeframes, such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

V Chain

We also made some trades on V Chain by identifying areas with liquidity and entering off the four-hour charts. It is important to keep track of stop losses and previous highs to make informed decisions.


Finally, with Silica, we made use of fair value gaps and order blocks to make several trades, entering on the break of structure and targeting the previous high. By using these strategies across various coins and markets, we can stay informed and make effective trades.


In conclusion, by analyzing Bitcoin and other alt coins, identifying fair value gaps and imbalances, and using simple strategies, we can maximize gains and stay ahead in the market. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for our upcoming live stream, where we will be exploring these strategies in real-time.

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